New challenge exercise mode

Hey Companions.

Why am I creating this topic? What is exercise mode?

Well I have come to realise a lot of guys whilst on nofap are trying to do exercise. Me included and it only lasted a week or so.

But after a lot of thinking and well some inspiration even thoughon other topics of mine seem a bit dark and dismal things are gonna change. Number 1 is the exercise habit.

Now how is this thing gonna work?

Well good question.

There will be 3 levels of difficulty in the exercises and it will very in reps and sets. It would be exercise circuits with a twist.

Will change weekly and also some surprises will be there in a weekend challenges.

You will have a workout streak plus your nofap streak and you can challenge anyone in the topic with either one.

I want this topic to also expand on tips for the workouts and if there is nice diets this is also welcome.

Okay the leaderboard will work as follows. The guy who completes a month of nofap receives a medal. If he completes all weekend challenges receives 15 bonus tokens. And if he beats his advisory in a challenge. Well he can determine a punishment for his advisory in an extra set of a spesific exercise. The weeks circuit.

At a point in time should the topic sadly die the guy with the most medals can receive a trophy and it may have certain benafits in.

How will the tokens be aquired?

Tokens wil be received, when you completed the circuit, how much motivation you put into the group and if you promote this challenge a bit if I may be so gutsy to ask?

What is their purpose?

Well the purpose of the tokens will be used for purchases in random quest(challenges) to make your exercise exp more fun and add a little twist to the usual same old same old.

Entries won’t close so entries are welcome any time and the exercise mode will officially start next week as we obviously wait for some entries.

So how about it do you wanna grab the epic opportunity?

Sharing code - qx9fy3

Current streak - 97 days
Highest streak - 97 days
Age - 23
Gender - M
Location - SA
Workout streak- 0
Highest workout streak-0
Weekend challenges completed-0

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Scoreboard and money market

  1. Cubenix- 0 day execise streak, (0 medals . 50💰Tokens) 1 weekend challenge completed

Okay, in waiting for challengers. This week we will do some stretch work and planking.

Easy= 10💰 for completing twice this week

30 sec Straight arm plank

30 sec Side plank left

30 sec Side plank Right

30 Sec Cobra stretch

30 Sec Spine lumbar stretch

30 Sec Spine Lumbar stretch right

Med= 15 :moneybag: for completing twice this week

45 sec Straight arm plank

45 sec plank

45 sec Side plank left

45 sec Side plank Right

45 Sec Cobra stretch

45 Sec Spine lumbar stretch

45 Sec Spine Lumbar stretch right

Hard= 20 :moneybag: for completing it twice this week

1 min Straight arm plank

1 min Plank with side to side rotation

1 min Plank

1 min Left side plank twists

1 min right side plank twists

1 min Cobra stretch

1 min Spine lumbar stretch right

1 min Spine lumbar stretch left

T’s & C’s

You may only choose Easy, med or Hard. If you wanna downgrade it will cost 5 tokens to do so.

If you wanna upgrade it will cost you 2 tokens as admin fee.

Now for example on how to say which mode.

Well just post it like this:

Admin= @Cubenix Hard

If you wanna downgrade :

Admin= @Cubenix Downgrade Hard- med.

If you wanna upgrade:

Admin= @Cubenix upgrade Easy- med.

Thanks for the read and the support!
And good luck!

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1 time registration. And it is as follows:


Sharing code - qx9fy3
Current streak - 100 days
Highest streak - 100 days
Age - 23
Gender - M
Location - SA
Workout streak- 0
Highest workout streak-0
Weekend challenges completed-0

*You can switch for free each week between the difficulty levels

Hey Companions.

Admin announcement:

These are your members for the admin team.


If you feel you are cheated in anyway or have any enquiries.

Please note I am only starting with some streches as we wait for some participants! This weekend we will have some challenges! Watch this space :fire::muscle:t2:

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Admin= @Cubenix hard

Hear hear, there is a special offer on tokens!

The first 10 to join will receive 15 bonus tokens!

If you join and promote the challenge in your topic. You will receive 15 tokens for this week only!

Why is tokens so important?

The tokens as you’ve seen is a currency and will allow changes in your difficulty . Lastly weekend challenges can be purchased to up your game!

Completed day 2 feeling good!

Remember to add rests in between workouts it is important to rest a bit to avoid burnout. The rest time depend on how fit you are!

Good luck and stay strong and awesome!

Attention attention attention!!!

The weekend challenges has finally arrived step up if you dare… Today we have a special Friday the 13th special offer let’s see how lucky and how much fun you are gonna experience! Join up now and purchase these fine selction of challenges :

Mysterious challenge boxes: Cost 0 tokens

Reward between 15- 50 tokens when completed

Box 1- 5

One of these boxes is the Jackpot.
One of these boxes is the Jackpot with a twist
Well the others are well a complete mystery!

Choose between 1 and 5. That will be your challenge and no returns on it sorry. One per contestant.

Sadly I only have these 5 boxes in stock so first come first serve. Maybe later more will be up for grabs and fullied to the brim!

Oh and wait there is the final offer just in:

Mysterious Endurance Challenge: At a low cost of 2 tokens or if you are more daring 7 tokens.

Reward will be also depended on luck and how daring you are. From a low 15 tokens to 60 tokens max! Or a jackpot token prize…

Good luck and stay strong and awesome!

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Market day whoop whoop!

Let’s see what we have here:

I still have 5 Mystery boxes up for grabs still for free! Reward 15-50 tokens worth! Depended on luck.

To purchase just reply on the topic :

Mystery box 1

You will receive your prize shortly there after!

Saterday challenges:

Feeling gutsy? And you like nofap ? Well this might be for you!

Do a 1 km or 3 quarter mile( .750 mile) jog.
Like in a protest sortof whilst you jog shout a nofap thing

Something Like= Stop porn, stop rubbing that horn. Do nofap!

Cost for jog: 2 tokens💰
Reward: 45 tokens💰

Are you hungry? Sorry man I ain’t selling food, but if your hungry for some muscle burn then I can give you that!

The ab crusher challenge is just for you!

Cost = 5 tokens💰
Reward = 35 tokens :moneybag:

Challenge circuit:

Warm-up :

Laying ab contractions 30 sec
Scissor-legs 30 sec
Russian twist 1 min

Circuit: Rest in between

5 Of each

Sit-ups or crunches
L sit-ups
Reverse crunches

Next set 10 reps of each

Sit-ups crunches
Receverse sit-ups
Mountain Climbers

Next set 15 of each

Bicycle crunches
L- sit-ups

Final set 20 of each

Heel touches
Twist Mountain Climbers
Leg raises

End with streches

Cobra strech 30 sec
Spine lumbar stretch left 30sec and then right 30 sec!

Hope you like the merchandise more will be added later! Good luck and have a nice day. Stay strong and awesome!

Admin = Saterday ab crusher challenge purchase! Cubenix tokens 50-5 = 45

Admin= Challenge completed!

Reward= 35 tokens

Cubenix tokens= 45+35 = 80 tokens

Market is now officially closed. Nice weekend to rack up some tokens!

This week this is the next step in our workout journey.

The first offial circuit is here for this week ! Let’s go!

Easy: reward 10 tokens

Warm-up Circuit

10 Jumping-jacks
30 Sec rope jump
30 Sec Child pose stretch
30 sec Shadow boxing

Circuit: 10 reps each

Russian twist
Heel touch

Super- rep set ( 10 each)

L-Sit ups

Finish with endurence holds and stretches.
( hold planks as long as you can)

Straight arm plank
Left and right side plank

30 sec stand and touch toes stretch
30 Cobra stretch

Med: 15 tokens reward

Warm-up Circuit

15 Jumping-jacks
45 Sec rope jump
30 Sec Child pose stretch
45 sec Shadow boxing

Circuit 15 reps each:

Diamond push-ups
Wide-grip push-ups
Sumo squats
Bicycle crunches
Heel touch

Super rep set ( 15 reps)

Tricep dips
Push ups

Finally endurence and stretches
(Hold the pose as long as you can)

Sumo squat pose
Half sit-up pose or boat hold pose

30 Sec Cobra stretch
1 min Shake your body

Hard : 25 tokens reward

Warm-up Circuit

30 Jumping-jacks
1 min rope jump
30 Sec Child pose stretch
1 min Shadow boxing

Circuit: 20 reps each

Heel touches
Tricep dips
Side to side squats

Super rep set 15 each

Left side plank rotation
Right side plank totaion

Finish with these holds and stretches
( do the holds as long as possible)

Calf-stretch hold
Straight arm plank

30 Sec spine lumbar stretch right and then left
30 Sec Cobra stretch
30 sec toe touch stretch siting

Disclaimer: participate at own risk. Please keep yourself hidrated during your workout. Rest in between sets and from workout to the next workout. If you are unable to do the super set reps directly without rest, please rest if you don’t feel able to do it. It is just to avoid injuries, please listen to your body it is the most important thing.

Once you start with easy you can always upgrade to med. Just cost 2 tokens. You can downgrade at anytime should you feel uncomfortable with your difficulty. It cost 5 tokens.

Please take in consideration of your fitness level and your health please, before making the choice of difficulty .

Good luck companions! Stay strong and awesome!

I almost forgot this your feedback for the topic is most welcome. Need something new or fun or feel something’s missing? Please do tell and in future the changes can be applied!

Thanks for the read and support!

Admin= Cubenix hard i am hungry!

Failed to exercise I will pay a penalty of 30 tokens as I didn’t do any exercise as I was sick this week.

Okay since I missed the weekend here is some new challenges now free at high rewards!

Mystery boxes are back:

Choose a number 1- 5 and that will be your challenge.

Interesting challenges like :

  1. Endurence circuit
  2. 10 rep, 10 exercise challenge
  3. Jackpot with a twist
  4. Jackpot of 50 tokens
  5. Dubble or nothing circuit challenge.

***Please note they are randomized

Some light exercises are also available as a stretch circuit is here and is free and will give you 30 tokens as a reward.

Up for a challenge in endurence well then for more info just enquire about it to receive it and you can receive 30 tokens as reward.

Up for some planche challenge for 35 tokens? Just enquire about it to receive the circuit.

Thanks for the read and if you sign up now you can receive 15 tokens this week only.

The weekend is here. Whilst the lockdowns are somewhat world wide and moat of us are bored and frustrated why not try some exercise to lift your spirits and keep you active and stress free from a possible relapse?

Sign up for some exercise fun! Let’s go!

  1. Stretch curcuit 20 token reward
  2. Endurence circuit 30 token reward
  3. Planche circuit 35 token reward
  4. Dubble or nothing circuit challenge 20 min bet.

5 The random boxes 1-5 50 tokens or maybe more as reward.

Choose a number between 1 to 5 and receive a random challenge

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