New Beginnings! (Entries Open!)

@UntiltheEnd I’ve never watched any anime… I’ve been recommended it but honestly I don’t see any point in watching it as of right now so I’m sticking to just simple TV shows for now… That’s cool man! I added you btw…

Yeah to be honest; I started with DragonBall z ( old back in the day)have you heard of it. Anime in a way can be … a light in the dark when you really need one. I dont watch anime as much as I used too but any hobby besides porn is cool.

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Yeah I’ve watched the end of one episode a couple years ago… I also played a ds game based off of it

Hey. Wipe out. Sounds like me.

I’m at 0 days @ChristianMan.

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@Vortexkicker Alright, can you answer the questions so I can give you a rank? Also I’m giving everyone ten days because the challenge starts on the 28th, so now is your chance to get a higher streak if you want to start out with Wipeout and work your way up to start anew

Questions, ok

  1. No hobbies

  2. Give in.

  3. No books, I lost interest in reading years ago.

Movies, I seen them so many times I lost interest.

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Here they are!
*20 characters

Oh come on man! That’s something we gotta work on my guy!! Also, we gotta get you some hobbies XDD No wonder your status has been bored with life… I’ll help ya out dog!!

Also what’s your sharing code I unfollowed everyone when I relapsed because I was mad…


The sharing code

@anon3047577 hey Vi you got any book recommendations for Vortexkicker? Hes lost interest… You know of anything that might bring him back?

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The Hobbit. That is all. :laughing: I haven’t found any good books lately, sadly.


I feel that!! Thanks for the book!!

Have you found any good books? I want to read more but have found nothing since the Wings of Fire turned into trash


Hmmm… Have you read the five people you meet in heaven or Tuesdays with Morrie? By mitch albom

Ooo and I also really like the loneliest girl in the universe

I’ve heard of none of those. Brief summary: go!


@DarkViolin Alright the five people you meet in heaven is about this guy named eddie… Lived a pretty simple life or so it seems… When he dies he goes to heaven and he meets five people who explain everything that happened in his life… Super interesting!!
Tuesdays with Morrie- I’m in the middle of this one so I’ll do my best… This guy is dying and was a college life coach… one of his students come back to talk with him about life and the most important things about it… I need to reread it from the beginning because I lost interest… Read this one last if you do read it
The loneliest girl in the universe - this girl is on a trip into space and everyone on her ship is dead… after her whole life she finally meets someone else on a new mission… Everything is going great… What can possibly go wrong? This on had me HOOKED… Like read this one first… it’s so freaking good!!

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Hello brother.
Sharing Code : mmhkn9
Current streak : 10 day, 20 h, 45 min
Add me in group 3

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can you answer these for me?