New Beginnings! (Entries Open!)

Hello all you awesome people!! Welcome to new beginnings!! I’m taking a different approach on this challenge so it’s going to be a big one!! With that being said please keep in mind to Read all the rules!!

The challenge begins before it begins, by this I mean I will ask a few questions that will later become important… Those questions will be at the bottom of this topic! Based off of those questions and what your current streak is you will be assigned a role! Some of these roles will be the same, I advise that you meet the people in your role category if you have others in it!! Here’s the important stuff:

There are 4 groups

  • Wipeout

  • Start anew

  • Don’t look back

  • Refresh

Wipeout -This is mainly for the people who have just relapsed… In this group we will focus on getting you out of the chaser effect and watching your progress as you grow to a higher streak!! Recommended for 0-2 days streak on day of joining…

Start anew - This group is focused on fixing your mindset… I myself have been found guilty of losing a streak because I lose focus on the real reason I started… This is because I didn’t have the right mindset! Here we will fix it!!
Recommended for 5-15 days on day of joining…

Don’t look back - This group is for focusing on making sure you understand relapsing and urges as much as possible as well as how great freedom feels so you will never go back to the beginning!!
Recommended for anyone above 5 days on day of joining…

Refresh - This group will focus on people with higher streaks and are having doubts about going back… I personally needed a place like this before I relapsed so this is for the fighters still going!! Recommended for people above 10 days on day of joining…

Below I will have 4 replies for each group that each of you will reply to when you have been assigned a role and chosen a group! I would advise you start in the group recommended for your current streak but that’s up to you!! Switching groups is always optional so choose whichever you would like!

Points System will be the same for each group… In the replies for your group below you will find a leaderboard and your points…

  • For every day PMO clean you will gain +5 points
  • If you relapse you will lose -2 points
  • If you make a motivational post or give any sort of advice to people in your group you will gain +2 points

Teachers, Mentors, Giving Advice!!
I would ask that in each group there be a sort-of teacher or mentor to encourage people inside of their group! This can mean an encouraging meme or wallpaper up to a full-on deep conversation about life and experiences… There doesn’t have to be designated teacher just someone to encourage your group each day!!


Also I need your sharing code!

I unfriended a lot of people after a relapse because I was mad so if you’ve given it to me before I most likely need it again!

Also, this is still a work in progress so if you have any recommendations please let me know

Here are the questions to help assign your role:
1.) What are 5 of your favorite hobbies?
2.) If you get an urge whats the first thing you do?
3.) What’s your favorite character from a book or movie and what is it that they do?



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Name Current Streak Relapses This Month

:yellow_square::yellow_square::yellow_square:November 3rd :yellow_square::yellow_square::yellow_square:
It’s a beautiful new day!!!

Today we will:

  • Discuss our greatest fear related to PMO
  • What’s something that you would like to understand more?
  • What are your tactics for NNN?

@Vortexkicker @slave_of_allah @tamgilchrist @DARSHAN2017 Here is my suggestion to you today, reply to this topic with your response if you would like, it’s not required you do so!!


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Start Anew

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Name Current Streak Relapses This Month
ChristianMan 1 0

:yellow_square::yellow_square::yellow_square: November 3rd :yellow_square::yellow_square::yellow_square:
It’s a beautiful new day!!!

Today we will:

  • What is your tactic for NNN?
    @VM00 this is whatI would suggest for today if you would like :smiley: Respond to this post if you do…


Don’t Look Back

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Name Current Streak Relapses This Month

:yellow_square::yellow_square::yellow_square: November 3rd :yellow_square::yellow_square::yellow_square:
It’s a beautiful new day!!!

Today we will:

  • What have you learned since you started NoFap
  • What are your tactics for NNN

@mahmudulhasan Respond to this post with your answers to the questions and statements above



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Name Current Streak Relapses This Month

:yellow_square::yellow_square::yellow_square: November 3rd :yellow_square::yellow_square::yellow_square:
It’s a beautiful new day!!!

Today we will:

  • Have you won NNN before?
  • How will you win this one?

@Lefty101 @someBody13 @DarkViolin @UntiltheEnd above you will find a suggestion for today that you can follow but is not required, reply to this post with your answer if you do.


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  1. Painting, drawing, writing, video games, watching Lord of the Rings
  2. I pray for it to be controllable and that I’ll be okay.
  3. Bilbo Baggins because he’s the least likely hero and he saves everyone.

Love that!!

What’s he from?

The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien. My favorite book. :heart_eyes: have you never read that??

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@DarkViolin Nah, I think I’ve been recommended the movie though… there’s a movie about it right?

Three movies and they’re terrible. They butchered the book.


Lol I feel that!! That was how it was after reading a wrinkle in Time XDD

I heard about that. Never watched or read it though.

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It’s pretty good… I only got about 75% of the way through the book though

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The books are always better XDD

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I never did mine!!
1.) Drawing, reading, writing, video games, preaching
2.) Some days I do nothing (im working on that) others I will fight it and then pray for strength
3.) Right now I really like Eddie from “The five people you meet in heaven” because he lives a seemingly normal life but when he begins to understand everything that happens in his life its beautiful! And I want to live like that too even if it doesn’t seem like I’m living life to the fullest I’m going to enjoy it!

Also may I invite a few people
@piyushchandak @Vortexkicker @Lefty101 @prothekter_aden @Prox @theUrgeFighter @PapiPlayboy @slave_of_allah @slavery @itstrilly

  1. Reading, writing music/poems anime/movies, nature loving,learning something new or trying something that excites me
    2.First I do now is think about where I wanna be/ what I used to do is think about the first video I’m going to watch (lol jk u already know)
  2. My fav character is in anime, I’m in love with the characters who ain’t shit but they struggle and fight there inner demons and weakness to be something such as my hero academy deku. In other words any anime character that resembles me in my weakness and becomes what I want to be (strong)


And a few more :slight_smile:
@someBody13 @the_resilient_one @TheBigSP @Samaranjay @GOVIND-19 @vedantshah005 @Sherlock221B78 @Leverage


Love that XDD

Hey, what’s your sharing code? I unfriended a lot of people due to some anger… I can’t remember if I had added you before…

odqw1u( I like this guy 2)ichigo bleach