New beginning for me

Today is the first day using this app. I’ve decided to use this app because IM SICK AND TIRED OF MYSELF and im about givin up and I just turned 15 this month of january.

I have relapsed over and over. But this day was different after I relapsed i regreted it and thought to myself WHY AM I DOING THIS and every time I get an urge i tell myself that its just a habit, urge, felling, So get over it but half the time it doesn’t work. I relapse about 3-5 times a week. To me I feel very gulty for doing it. I’m also a christian

After relapsing I thought that I can’t keep doing this and thats when I downloaded this app. I’m gonna need help setting up some goals so it would be AWESOME if I could get some advice from yall.


Whoa, you’re really young and that’s a great thing. Welcome to the comminity. Good thing you have realised this addiction in the earlier stages for how long have you been hooked to this thing.

You can start from here. Very informative.


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