My journey and journal

Age 26,
Max streak : 9
Average streak : 3 to 4
Addiction period : P* = 10, M = 17
Location : India

There are two world. One can be seen by eyes (outer world) and the second is inside our mind (thinking). When you can’t get the things you want then your unconscious mind creates some scenarios and gives you those things in this second world. Most of PMO addicts spend most time in this second world bcz in the real world things are difficult to get.
Now the question comes. How to get out from second world?
I have some tips which works for me.

  1. Mindfulness meditation
  2. Adopt a new habit. Learn guitar, programming, crafting, drawing, sketching… Any thing you wished to do.
  3. When your consciousness go to second world to fulfill your urges. Start noticing people actions. Thing what are they doing and use you detective mind and make a story. Or else you can start counting surrounding things.
  4. Exercise : when you do exercise . Brain releases BDFN. which gives motivation and fads the urges.



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