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Hello everyone I just have a few questions hopefully someone can answer them for me
In my country anything about sex except marriage is forbidden
Even masturbation and porn are forbidden due to religion but no one can see you masturbating or watching porn so they were alot easier to do than having sex with a real partner
I have been watching porn and masturbating for about 9 years till now
And Iam getting sick of it
Marriage in my stupid country requires a lot of money and a nice permanent job to be able to provide for your family
I can’t have a job at the moment because of my studying
IAM a medical student and Iam currently 22 years old and still a virgin
So I have a few questions
1- if I quit both masturbation and porn will this affect my health in a bad way ? Like getting prostatic congestion or prostatitis
2- is masturbating without watching porn harmful ?
3- is there is a normal limit for masturbation ?
I mean 3 per week or something…
4- will my brain return to normal if I quit porn for Good ?
5- can masturbation with or without porn lead to ED ? And if that’s true will quitting help ?
Sorry for my poor english
May god bless you all


First of all welcome to the community

  1. Well quitting Porn and masturbation don’t have any negative effect on body , but doing it absolutely have a lot negative effects

  2. Masturbating with or without porn both are harmful.

  3. There is no limit for masturbation , an addict can go to even 50 times a day . It’s one of the dangerous addiction .

  4. Yes , your brain will return to normal if you quit porn

  5. Quitting Porn and masturbation will absolutely cure ED … Just follow NOFAP and everything will be fine .

Btw Your English is good …


I don’t think so, I dont know what they mean but, I don’t think so… I think not doing PMO, is natural… We make our life too mechanical by doing that, so stopping that should basically be a normal thing…But we aren’t doctors, you can contact one, online consultations are there too, if you feel awkward to ask directly ?

Also, few times when I quit, I used to have pain in the balls, and longer I stay away, it used to spread more and increase. Blue balls but a bad case of it… Only way it used to go away is by masturbation… But once, it didn’t happen and I continued till now…

Yes definitely, it does cause brain fog, it lessens your performance, sometimes may cause anxiety, you wont have a clear conscience and all these are core things for many other issues…

Well, some say any amount of M is okay… Some say its not okay at all… Some in between like once a week or thrice a week… But look at it this way, M is addictive, every one knows it. Imagine cigarettes in its place… Is it okay to smoke 1 cig per week? People who smoke will say it doesn’t cause any issues too. But your brain gets dependent on it on dopamine… When someone is upset someday, or craving more happiness, they will smoke 2 and 2 becomes new normal… But, as dopamine we give to our brain increases, it needs more to achieve same amount of happiness and for that we need to do it more times… So its always will be about more and more… Same thing with M…

I dont know what that normal is… But it will definitely be better for sure… And your brain being better, will be a great weapon for you to hunt for that normality.

I don’t know about this, many here may say yes… Quitting this will help you big time in every aspect of your life… Your productivity increases, your peace of mind increases, your perspective towards life will be more clearer, its one step towards being better version of yourself, you will love the way you are… And again, these are the foundations for bigger and better things.

Your English is superb :+1:

I agree with getting a job, you should be on your feet and in a position to take care of yourself and her, and 22 for me, I think its very young…also dont marry because you want to explore physical side, marriage should be based on love… Around 20 to 26 years of age, its generally is all about exploring the physical side with a partner, hormones and friends play a bigger part to make sure its all about physical side with a partner… Focus on the studies side :slight_smile: ( I dont know you, so just guessing here, i apologise in advance too, it was that way for me, If I could give an advice to my younger self, I will give this)

I think its that way in society as well as religion for a reason… People that were older experienced it and probably knew its addictive and not good for emotional well being. If something is a bad habit, just quit it…is a lesson I learned through experience… If not, its fun for a while but there will always be consequences… And we will realize that the hard way and by then, a lot of suffering to endure to get out… Its easy if we just dont do it or quit it before it gets worse.

I wish you the best @someone588


Bro . Is Blue balls was the pain caused by constant Erection due to Arousal and Edging?
I experienced some pain in that area last year during my longer streak (20+ days) in 2020 when I didn’t mas… But watch p.rn for sometime and Edging due to it. It was the same pain which caused when Literally a cricket ball hit on scrotum. Is Blue Ball is the same thing?

First of all I would like to ask from which country are you ?
Irrespective of any country,I think it’s better to be financially stable before settling down in your life, there’s a lot to discover outside your sex list. Explore yourself,what you like, what’s your passion is!

You are too young to get married :wink::joy::joy:
I bet even if you’re married anyhow,your whole concept of marriage will revolve around sex

Are who Indian hi hoga…

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Thanks alot mate
I will try to follow your advices and hopefully I will quit masturbation for good
About your testicular pain
If it ever happen to you again check the scrotum for varicose veins
If present it will appear like if the scrotum is full of worms
The condition is probably due to prolonged congestion
Hopefully nothing serious
Thanks again for your answers

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Yes may be :joy::joy::joy:
Situation to Dekh Kar issha hi lagta hai

Pocket mein money Nahi par beta Karna chahata hai honeymoon :rofl::rofl:

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Yes, its the same thing… Which is why during a no PMO streak, It should literally be hands off and should be totally alert to make sure that we dont peek…

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22 saal ki umra me kon shaadi ke bandhan me kyu fass rahe ho :joy: … Iske intention alag hi lag rahe hai…
Enjoy your life build your life … This age is to explore and enjoy the world. Build real relationship . Not to bind with duties

Thanks bro for your clarification. You are always present to give answer to my questions :pray:


IAM from egypt
I just want to clarify one thing
Any sexual relationship in egypt or anyother arabian country is forbidden
The only way to have sex here in my country is to get married :sweat:


Then your solution is keep masturbating :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Ok… In Egypt. Make real relationship with someone isn’t allowed? :roll_eyes::thinking: Why you are obsessive on sex.? @someone588 . Make friends in life.

That’s just sad
There must be another way

Tum bhi maje le rahe ho isse :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::sunglasses:

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Friendship between males and females is also forbidden
Any interaction between males and females is forbidden except marriage of course
About sex , it is not an obsession
It’s a normal desire especially when most of the girls here in egypt dress like prostitutes


I didn’t get it? What u wanna say?

Strange…:zipper_mouth_face::flushed: Laws… I can’t argue that .

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There clothes are exposing their bodies

Bro I believe Egyptian are great covering their bodies,look at mummies. Entire world is well aware of Egyptian mummies :rofl::rofl:
I also suggest to dress like a mummy :wink: and I bet :wink: all girls will flock to you :joy::joy:

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