My Anxiety and current status. Need guidance

Hello bro…

I can’t say much in your case as I haven’t experienced sex.
But I think its better not to have sex during the initial days of no fap.

Please consult some experienced fellows.


Planning to go hard mode…

Guys day 27

I have done pre medical checkup today. My sgpt showed 95 which is a high value. I was very stressed from morning. Never faced any pain in my liver. Nor any type of symptoms regarding fatty acid. Nor I drink alcohol or smoke. Moreover flatline, no sex drive, no libido at all.

All these are stressing me out. Please help.

I felt pain near my stomach too, after some days it stopped

Daily, what do you do to decrease the effects of stress factors on you?

And what do you do to get pleasure?

Basically I stick to my routine. Workout in morning. Then office and then family time in evening. Yes the one thing I notice well is fuller and heavier balls in nofap and regular morning woods.

Day 40 no porn,
Day 18 without sex.

Changes till now -

1.sensitive, bigger and fuller testes,
2.started having morning woods provided if i sleep by 1030 at night.
3.People admiring glow on face.
4.Eating healthy. And have included a lot of fruits in diet.
5.Yes I am getting attracted to girls.

Negatives happening to me sometimes

1.Guilt feeling when remembering past.
2.sometimes getting potential performace anxiety. This happens sometimes. Wether I will be able to have penetrative sex or not.sometimes I feel confused.