My Anxiety and current status. Need guidance

Upto Aug 12,2020 I used to watch porn and masturbate twice a week.
I thought not to masturbate for some time to get high libido. On Aug 21,2020. I felt the urge to watch porn and masturbate. On that particular day parents aggressively started looking for a partner in matrimonial sites. All this stress about future life partner and whether I will be able to perform with her made me mental pressure. I could not maintain erection with porn. I got more panic. 2 days later I again started watching porn. I was getting erections. On Aug 28,2020 I went to a spa where I got a good handjob. Though had anxiety I got Erection.
Due to this ongoing anxiety I consulted a doctor. He gave me efil. It worked. But I got more consumed in porn and spa. Since I was getting addicted to the meds. I left the meds.
Down to October 15, October 17,October 18. I watched porn, masturbated. Did not have satisfying erection on 18 October.

I completely stopped watching porn from 19th October. Initial days 21,23,25,26 October I was very horny and I had non penetrative sex in Spas. I was confident. But on 28 October suddenly I lost erection, I suddenly lost desire of sex, anxiety took over me, I felt fatigue.

Does this happen in the 10th day of nofap journey.?

Will I be able lose the performance anxiety that sometimes come in my mind? I have seen my erection loose after performance anxiety.

I have also felt my testes bigger today. Today is day 12. But have no sexual desire. No libido.
I am easily able to overcome porn addiction. I am in control of not watching.

Please someone guide me.

If possible I want to chat with a companion with similar situation. I started all this for my betterment and for my future.


It is called flatline
It is a sign of healing.
You can search about it…


I also thought of the same. Still i have some anxiety issues and mood swings. Please keep me motivated. I just want to be have better future.


Do you workout enough to get a good blood circulation?
How are you penis sensations?
Do you sleep enough?
What is the quality of your diet?
Can you get excited by an average woman body?

Anxiety has a very important role in E.D.! You have to learn to relax on a daily basis and to improve your relationship with yourself, others and the world. It’s a deep work.



I’m at day 8 and have the same issue. I dont have libido at all, my erections are not strong. I hope it will pass soon.

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This is the 13th day now. I have noticed I had morning erections on day 10,11,12. Day 10 I had a strong one and 11,12 were 70% erections. This morning after bath I felt some sensations.

Will the performance anxiety fade away with time which I faced in August and on 28th Oct.

You have anxiety performance because of porn. Your perceptions are wrongs and you believe that you have to be a superman to give pleasure to a woman.

Do Kegel exercises :+1: You don’t need more.

Stop watching porn, don’t touch your dick… You’ll recover.


Already stopped watching porn. And doing kegels. Just that sometimes the flashes of last failed encounter comes in my mind which is giving anxiety.

Quit taking any pills. They are harmful and addictive.
Quit going to spas, hiring prostitutes etc. They are cheap and unhealthy sources to curb your sexual drive.
Most of all, escape from PMO

Pmo is causing most of these problems for you. You should go read EasyPeasy hackbook. I’m reading it right now and if you finish it, I’m sure that is the right method to escape pornography.

You don’t have to marry if you dont have to right now. Work on yourself to fix your issues first. Don’t think that if you marry your problems will be solved. Tell your parents. You dont want to be married right now. I dont think you will be a good partner if you go into a marriage with all these insecurities and problems.
Unless you are confident in yourself, that is. You dont have to take my word for it.

Dont try to stop porn to cure your ED or performance anxiety. Escape from porn because its useless and pathetic.

I agree with @FlowForCourage . Workout, escape porn, get your life in order and most of these problems will just go away by themselves, or after fully curing from the porn trap, you can seek medical help if the problems persist.

Read EasyPeasy hackbook. You’ll get it if you search in the forum


Thanks… I have topped taking pills, spas as well as porn, M, O. As you said. Need confidence. I have kept one thing in mind for not deviating i.e.working for a better future.

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There’s no vaccum in nature, absence of one thing is replaced by other
Try working on cobstructive projects which you will be proud of in the future with the extra energy and time you will have because of no fap
This will ensure you don’t relapse


Now I am getting morning erections regularly while waking up. My Buldge is also getting bigger. Looking forward for more sensitivity and increased libido in practising nofap. Anxiety is reducing.

It is day 14.


Congratulations! Now you know :slight_smile:

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Yesterday night I woke up at 3. Didn’t feel sleepy upto 6am.
While taking bath I had lot of sensitivity in my penis. Penis was semi hard. And a 30% erection was there for a minute.
Does this happen during flatline? Remaining time I am having a big flaccid Buldge.

Bro…first of all stop doubting yourself and do not focus on the strength of your penis erection all the time.
Its okay to even have 0% erection for some days in No fap journey. Change your perception.
See the less or 0 erection as healing process.
The more you heal today, the better you will feel tomorrow :wink:

Let it be. Enjoy your bachelor’s life.



Yes! It’s the process. Trust the process.


Whatever I am able to live now without porn or fapping. The willpower and strength I am getting from you people. Thanks a lot. I just want to come back strong and have a better future family life.


I am having the same issue, I am on my 25th day streak, but i am having no intrest in sex or porn. I am not even trying for nofap, its like fapping is not an option.


I wish I had known about rewiring and nofap things before. It is really working. I feel the difference everyday. I feel happy now. Though it is much early to say this. But I m getting the confidence day by day.

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Really feeling bad about all the years of porn. Could have saved much energy.