Musn't Masterbate May

-In this challenge you will need to abstain from PMO all April to win the challenge.
If you relapse after 1st of April, you will be disqualified
-Entries will remain open after 1st of April for those that haven’t relapsed and want to join.
You are required to check in daily or at least once a week.
-P, M, and O, whether separate or together it still counts as a relapse, so be honest if you edge or peek.
-If you go more than 10 days without checking in, you will be considered AWOL, and will kicked out of the challenge until you post to confirm you are still on nofap and you haven’t relapsed, then I’ll re-add you.
-There is a wiki I will add for updating your streak,
but you are still required to check in, so I know you are still doing the challenge.

Thats all for now
To join just type your username and streak, you don’t need the sharing code, since I’m unable access the app.


Name: SigmaGigachad
Highest Streak : 45 Days
Current streak : 4Days 14 Hours
Add me bro🙂


I’m in
Current streak: 2 days

No need to put streak list
I suggest just start with
Person name1 :white_check_mark:

And with time turn checks to :heavy_multiplication_x: mark if someone relapse

Can probably add also a poll, for number of who’s still in and number of who couldn’t complete the challenge

Entries open for all even after 1st of April, provided you haven’t relapsed.

That’s good idea, thanks for that.

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Username : Jane_Doe
Highest and current streak : 10 days
Pls add me, thanks


The more people who join, the better.

@ChristianMan @risinglion123 @Mitchy


After giving your username and streak, feel free to add your name in the wiki aswell

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Aha yes, I forgot you’re a regular now. Congrats! Also I’m in! Let’s do this.

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I usually don’t like challenges but April is my birth month and i want to try something new and so i don’t want to relapse again. I’m in, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.
My highest streak is 72days


Name: Asahi
Highest Streak : 11 Days
Current streak : 1 Days
Add me bro🙂


Hi I’m new at all of this as well, I’m in my longest streak has been a week. I’m currently running a streak of 1 day.

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I’ve added each and everyone of you.

@Fazlury , @newboy are you interested?

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I got regular over a week ago, but didn’t realize until yesterday.

I am interested in this challenge pls add me
Current streak- 11 days

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HIghest streak 185 days
Current 12
Add me also

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Oh yeah 46d7gc almost forgot

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Yes count me in brother

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