Modernmedico to Monk : A Journey

Have you succeeding in defeating the ‘demonic force’?

I am not giving it a chance to take over. Next day it tried to influence me in dreams but I was motivated. I guess it’s giving me time so that the moment I become unfocused and give negative energies the chance, they’ll make their move.
Plus I protect myself while sleeping so that they doesn’t have much effect.


Dear @modernmedico,

Like attracts like. Negative energy attracts negative energy. If you allow yourself to exude positive energy- courage, confidence, self- belief and self-awareness; no ghost can attack you. Instead you will attract some angels maybe😀.

Keep spreading positivity.



Ya. I have attracted you all. Lol.


And the war begins…
Attack of last night

Day 5

I slept at 10 pm. That’s also late.

Everything was good. I played manta meditation, plugged my earphones and closed my eyes to sleep.

I don’t know when mantra stopped playing. I was woken up by a bad dream. Someone trying to kill me. Not just one person though. These kind of dreams are common to me. Luckily I never died in my own dream. But it’s hell scary. Sometime gangwars, sometimes ghosts & spirits, sometimes medivial times kind of wars…

I woke up and after few seconds went back to sleep. When I didn’t fear, then came the second blow.

2 things stimulate us on animalistic level- Fear and Sex

Second blow came in form of erotic dream. Normally i wake up in between when it happens but yesterday couldn’t. Wet dream won. Nothing dramatic. I was not sad. I just hoped I didn’t sleep the second time. Anyways…

Today I couldn’t do meditation and already I am feeling a pressure. My mind constantly poking me to do something, like a craving, uneasiness of a cocaine addict or alcohol addict.


I am writing so that my intelligence comes forward and save me. I noticed that saying out loud helps.

This time I don’t wanna fall.

Peace Out :v:


Ofcourse you got some angels too. :grinning: :angel:

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