Masturbation become a Routine?

Hello out there, i really need some help here. This masturbation habits seems like a routine to me. I do it exactly after i do activites. I do it always on the same place and on the same time , just like it’s scheduled in my brain. I personally hate it but my brain love it.
Can this thing become a routine? If yes , how to fight back against it? How to delete this bad routine.


hey man i suggest you to read your brain on pornography. It will give you breif explanation why our brain needs constant porn and we make it routine

Make your busy at the time frame of , example of 15 minutes,

Avoid the place , by going to walk, or music. ,or best is speak on the phone to someone ,

Talking in phone is best


What if you can’t avoided the place ? Because so far i can’t avoided the place( there is something i should do on that place once in a week) , and when i arrived ,i will be alone for a very long time

Hello brother, yes i read about it , but is there anything i can do to stop giving dopamine to brain like this?
I always workout 3 times in a week, i study, reading books etc. I never watch porn , but im still addicted to masturbation.

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Honestly, just time will kill the urge. Tomorrow I’m at day 70 without masturbation, and I never watched porn, but I wanted to yesterday and today cause I was still desperate for dopamine. I masturbated almost every day for 7 years. I understand the habit. But the more you don’t do it, the smarter you become, and the more you realize your brain is just tricking you. Just focus on not masturbating for the next five minutes, then the following five minutes. That’s how I got this far, and am still progressing with this technique.


Thx for the tips brother🤝


I think the latest answer to this is great. All the best to the OP! You can do this.

In my experience, a new routine needs to be established. For me, as a Christian, reading God’s word, getting into a YouVersion Bible Plan… RiverSide Church’s 2-year Bible Plan has helped and continues to help. Engage your mind and your time with other activities.

But yes, when the urge comes, focus on your commitment to overcoming, and do not think about those things. Ask people to pray for you if you have a Christian community but you need to be determined to overcome this and stick to that ccommitment. But most of all, for me I could never overcome if not for God. Because if this life is all there is, then why not keep doing what you do? But since God is holy and real, then there must be a reason why masturbation feels so wrong. Also, praying helps, and now I read my Bible and do a Bible course and that makes me spend my time to engage my soul and spirituality. You might have a different motivation. So here is more general advice.

Get enough sleep and rest and if you are bored get a job. You must break your bad routine and habit. Read something, do something different in place of your bad habit. Take a walk. Take deep breaths and control your hands. Tie your hands if you must that is what I did at first and put them above my head. Exercise self-control. Anything or anyone that causes you to be stimulated, cut out of your life. Block them. It will help. Block pornography sites. Choose to engage on sites that promote wholesome thinking rather than unwholesome desires. This is not in easy, but it is possible. Don’t give in! And of course, all things are possible with God, and without him we can do nothing. Ask him to help you to be self-controlled and yet make up your mind to overcome. Regardless of the cost. Get some accountability if you feel led. Slowly the new habits will make it easier when you establish new routines that help you. This is my 8th day clean and I want to give all glory to God!


I also tried a lot of things but it was very hard to break this addiction such as

Wake up early in morning
listening music
cold shower
reading etc.

but after decipline i relapsed again and again.
All the things work but we don’t know the deep implementation of these declines.

here is the story of my 7 day busyness where i learnt what is actual busyness.

Click here to read

Thank you soo much for your answer brother, i really appreciate all the help and answer. Thank you👍

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