MASTERY! - The path to excellence (1000 DAY CHALLENGE!)⁶

To join the MASTERY! - The path to excellence (1000 DAY CHALLENGE!)

one must adhere to a strict rule set, that aims to put the individual on a path to excellence in life.

Any breach of the rule set, and one must start all over again!

Your information required to join:
(my information is used as reference):
Username: InspectorNorse
Sharing code - pb3ejz

Current streak - 1 day
Highest streak - 35 days

Age - 29
Gender - M
Location - Denmark

One must check in daily having completed at least 3 of the following tasks during the the day:

1: Gym/exercise session
2: No Junk food for the day
3: Positive reinforcement (say 5 things you like about yourself out loud)
4: A one hour walk in nature
5: A good nights sleep
6: Read at least 20 pages (nonfiction)
7: Listen to one full-length podcast of your interest
8: Listen to one full-length documentary
9: Meditation
10: Cold shower/cold water/winter bathing (Maximum 14°C for optimal dopamine benefits)

11: At least one hour of work on you true passion
12: No PMO! (sex is allowed with loved ones)
13: Share a motivational quote, that you like

One will be added to the leaderboard after the daily check in:


1: N0FapK1NG (23 days):white_check_mark:

Sharing code - tnqqo9

2: InspectorNorse: (9 days) :white_check_mark:
Sharing code - pb3ejz

3:: MarshallOb (1 day)
Sharing code:9mccw0

4: GradatimFerocitor

Sharing code - zcrnxy

ChristianMan (0)

Once one have completed the 1000 days, you will be added to the hall of fame. Good luck!strong text


Check in day 1:

Did cold shower, watched self educating content, and got a good nights sleep.
Today i am going ice bathing and i am only eating healthy stuff. Going to hit the gym as well. Hope to see more of you join the challenge! :slight_smile:


Check in day 2-3 Did winter bathing in the ocean, organized stuff in my apartment, watched a podcast, and got a good nights sleep. Hope you are doing well! I am feeling good today, even though the weather is shite! :sweat_smile::blush::heart:


Yeah i’m in. I’ll try to check-in regularly from tomorrow


Awesome! What day are you our on? I will Update as soon as i see your answer! :slight_smile:


Can I join ?

Name Bharat Kumar
Age 26

Sharing code rws17k

Current streak of 22 days
Highest streak of 89 days.

I am now aiming for a full change and freedom from Lust from now to forever.

Last year will be the last year that there will be lust inside me.
I will clean it up.


Day 8. Still going strong. I have been very busy, so have not had time to check in, but I am doing great. Getting shit done!


10 days done in a few hours! 1% at the goal of 1000 days! Feeling great! No wet dream yet. Got a tooth operated away today, and they told me to rest for the rest of the day because It could bleed. I am working my ass off anyway haha! You can’t hurt me! Going to finish painting this apartment and go for a Run! LETS GOO! Here is a song that I think some of you may like, that gives me a ton of Joy at the moment: Yves Tumor - Jackie (Official Video) - YouTube

I failed at day 12. Back on the wagon.

God damn it is hard today. Lost all my confidence. I need to take this way more seriously. This shit makes you lose yourself. You literally become a shell of yourself by watching that crap.

Can I join now???

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Yes you can. I will add you ASAP! One can join this challenge at any moment. No Deadline! :blush:

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What is your sharing code, and what day are you on?

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Username: N0FapK1NG
Sharing code - tnqqo9

Current streak - 9 days
Highest streak - 9 days

Age - 25
Gender - M
Location - BRAZIL

that’s it?

what do i do to proceed? Do I need to do a daily check in here?

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Let’s gooooooooooooooo

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@InspectorNorse can you add me?

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Check in day one :white_check_mark:

Did exercise
Did cold shower
Did meditation 10 min

Go ahead :rocket:

Sorry my english… I’m from Brazil

My current streak is 10 days

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Check in day 2 :white_check_mark:

Did exercise
Did cold shower
Did meditation 10 min

My current streak is in 11 days, a record in months

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Congratulations! I will go for a run in a few minutes and have worked a lot on a video today + i went for a long walk too! Almost done with day 2, and back on track! :slight_smile:

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Are you still in? What day are you on?