MASTERY! - The path to excellence (1000 DAY CHALLENGE!)⁶

How is it going? What day are you on?

Day 3 rn ! Tysm urges kicking in

Nevermind I relapsed back to day 0. I think I am suffering the chaser effect after having my longest streak beforehand. So I propose we all follow each other- and then we do a deathwatch.

I.e so me and @InspectorNorse set a challenge of 7 days. .
If both players lose, they get nothing
If I win, and norse loses, I get 1 pt norse loses 1 and vice versa
If we both win, we both get 1 pt.

Wanna try @InspectorNorse 7 days?

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I have created a challenge that centres around this @InspectorNorse
Wondering if you want to join?

I’ll still post here though!

Check in day 3 :white_check_mark:

Did exercise
Did cold shower
Did meditation 10 min

My current streak is in 12 days

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I am in, I am at day 2 in a few hours :grin:

Good Job! :grin: Keep it up!!

Check in :white_check_mark:

Current streak: 14 days

Did exercise
Did cold shower
Did meditation 10 min

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Nice just post in the challenge and I can add you.
Keep going guys!

Relapsed 2 days ago, but am almost 3 days in again. Am going to update the leaderboard later today. You do not have to check in daily. Just when you want to. The main thing is hitting 1k, all the rest is just tools to get there.

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Hey y’all… I’d like to join!! Day 0…

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Check in

19 days

Did exercise
Did meditation
Did cold shower



Done. You are in. Welcome

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That is badass! I am done with day 3 now as well. I got a lot of work done today, went for a run and I also got some mad deadlifts yesterday! GN


Check in

23 days :white_check_mark:

Did exercise
Did meditation
Did cold shower

2,3% of the journey complete :rocket::rocket::rocket:

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30 days here :rocket:

Cold shower

Daily discipline :white_check_mark:


Please add me brothers. My details as below:

Username: Rohitash
Sharing code - i107b0

Current streak - 26 days
Highest streak - 49 days

Age - 35
Gender - M
Location - India

Did Gym, Meditation, Cold Shower, 22 hours fasting and had healthy food today.

Count me in code is 90g1or

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Can i join this challenge?

Sharing code: olnbmu
Highest streak: 29 days
Current streak: 6 days

Age: 17
Gender: M
Location: India

37 days here

Go ahead!!!