Malayali Nofappers Kerala

Yesterday I installed my facebook and saw one group the name was nofapmalayalam.So many motivative quotes about nofap Iam happy that my nearby brothers in kerala are also taking nofap as serious so that porn can be cleaned from each part of the world .Sad too see that my state has also people struggling to do nofap. Share your experience of nofap if you are from kerala

Main Agenda Of This Topic

Share your sad feelings and experiences regarding porn and fap

Share the benefits you are experiencing while on nofap streak

Ask Doubt about nofap and we will clear them

You can use both English and Malayalam

No P pics Or triggering words are allowed

Finally Help Each Others To Kill This F*cking Porn

I know the most common doubt of nofappers😅
Nightfall is not a relapse or ejection of sperm while you sleep is not a relapse :sweat_smile:


Yoo… I’m from malappuram bro.
Experience ennu parayan… 10 yrs aaytt ulla addiction aanu. Nofap nalladha… finally getting a little success in removing this evil shit.
Kure advantagesum und bro…

Good luck mate… namukk porn industry thanne poottanam😉


Pinnalla njan ethil epponoru 100days …Streak eppo 75 ayi ennale annu kure nalkku shesham fbyil kayariye appozhanu ffcyil nofapmalayalamthine patti kettathu appozhanu kure nofappers nammude edayilum undennu manasilayathu

Bro daily diaty thundaguka annitu puthiya puthiya habits undakkukka eg meditation law of attraction affirmation pinne work on your passion …ethokke nokkiyal thanne streak munotto kondupokam…njan ehh nilayil eppo nilkunathinu ettavum valiya reason fb insta okke uninstall cheytatum

Pinne parayathirikkan vayya indiyialum vidheshathumulla kure nalla sahodarangal evdeyum undu motivation kureyumbol evde varum pinne urge okke angu pokum…Welcome To rewire comapanion


Hey XD I’m malayali too! @josephvt @adulrakha But didn’t grow up in Kerala

Othiri malayalam ariyethila so please forgive me…I can speak well enough, though


:scream::scream: WHAATT!!?
Why didn’t you say so?:rofl:


:rofl: :rofl: Nobody asked bro


Haa seriya… ffcyil nofapo :rofl: :rofl: wth. Adh eppo??


I’m from Tamil Nadu, so somehow we are neighbors :wink::joy:


Its not a problem brother …I just started this topic for helping other nofappers …Tpday while surfing in facebook I saw that so many are using rewire campanion…I personally use rewire campanion most of the time…I uninstalled fb insta etc because that was the main cause of relapse


Pedikenada bro avar nofapmalayalam group members ffc konde post cheytu pulli nanam kettathu …micham appazhanu njan ahh group kandathu


Off course brother…This is the best app to share your feeling …ask questions related to nofap…Iam in this community for more than 100days…So many brothers are here to help each other…Start a Diary to share your daily routines…


Ffcyil ettavanittu pani kitti pinne avde poyi prabahsanam nadathiyal kittiyathum kondu pokam…njan kure nal undayirunnu ffcyil kure urge varunathum ffcyile chila pics oke kandayirunnu


Yes bro, I joined this community few days before and this is the best community I have ever seen hands down.

Also I’ve started writing dairy daily bro, It’s helps very much


Iam introducing my real brothers to you @Tagore @Martial_Beast @TheFinalFrontier @_TIGER and so many others. @selfconqurer @anon14496424 @Hubinho @strongwillpower and more

These brothers are here to help you if you have any questions or problems …regarding even Iam here…

#Porn Can Kill Nofap Can Heal


Ohh shit… malayaligalum mosham aayi varunnu le

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Bro ffc nalathayirunnu karanam kure chirikkan vagayulathayirunnu eppo kure pillaru set vannu ake alambakki appo pinne mothathil thakarchayanu

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Njan undayirunnu adhil pand… Like 2 yrs ago… Myroli😂
Ippo alam aayi le… saaralla nammal nannaya madhi… I will come back to ffc after my exams

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Pinnalla (myroli :rofl:) bro thirichu pokathirikkunayanu nallath nofap okke eduthu life setakk negative olikalde aduthu poyi verutha dark adikends…nalla improvement nofap karanam undayi atha parayunne


Very happy to hear that. Me too from TN. All the friends I was talking upto now @Ash_Matt @adulrakha @EvilMorty @josephvt are v.nearer to me. can’t control the laughter :joy::joy::joy::joy:

We are together for a good cause. Together lets make a better world. :grinning:


Hey brothers, Iam a malayali too.
Josephvt bro ende classmate koodeya.
We are from Alleppey.
Let’s do this together.
Brother @adulrakha and @Ash_Matt I never thought you both were malayalies.
Sadhanam kayll undo :sweat_smile: