Let's wake up at 5:30 A.M!

I need help from who can wake up early in the morning or at 5:30 A.M. I am struggling to wake up early. Please please help me to wake up early.this bad habit to wake up late is Killing me.


Hey dude. I can give you some suggestions regarding it.

First, you don’t think waking up early as a burden or some impossible thing to achieve. Think you can do it like you eat. Consider Waking up early is just a easy thing.

Then before sleeping, you tell yourself, β€œI want to wake up at this time” continuously

And you have to move gradually. If you want to wake up by 5.30. First begin with 6.30 then 6.15 then 6.00 then 5.30. So your body can adapt to wake up early.

Make sure to have alarms or ask someone to wake you up. Never eat too much in night.


If you want any other suggestions, you can message me privately also. I am always ready to help you.


Hello bro
I am a person who wakes up at 5 am almost everyday after sleeping at around 11:30 so i think i am eligible enough to give you some suggestions
Firstly as @rajameghanan said dont think of it as a really hectic task or a burden. Be free you can do it. Its not rare many people do it and so can you

Next make it a habit to wake up early no matter what day it is atleast for a month so that your biological clock will get adjusted then it will become like a cake walk for you

Now for making it a habit you will have to wake up early eveyday without failing and for that you need a good enough reason to motivate you at that moment when you are woken up but you want to sleep more
For that, i have some suggestions:

  1. Make it a routine and vow that you will worship early in the morning and/or meditate and exercise
    And one advice try to involve as many people around you as you can, like involve your mother while you are worshiping, this way next time you will feel obliged to wake up.
  2. You can set up a schedule and try to revise your weak topics in the morning
  3. or you can simply find a companion with whom you can compete
    If you want i am here ready for you, all you will have to do is wake up at 5 and enter β€œTIGER HAS WOKEN UP” in the reply. I will enter the same and we will see who will break the streak first. How’s the idea? Do let me know
    All the best for your future!

Nice idea bro. I am also interested to join in your challenge.

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All good
Let’s start from tomorrow itself

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I am ready bro. If I forget to post, I will post at what time I woke up the day .

Ya just do it as the first thing after you have woken up.
Btw i am new here so can you tell how to add people as friends from the forum?


Sorry bro. I know to text only. I am also new only. Joined this September.


You can follow the ones who you are interested with and you can message them privately. You can touch their profile and do this. That’s what I know.


Or else you can ask this man @InfinitelyStrong who is currently replying.

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My code is ts96ow
Add me as your companion, i am not able to add you

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Ok bro I will do it.

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Added as companion bro.

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Hey bro @InfinitelyStrong . How are you feeling now? Illness gone?

You can’t wake up early unless you’ve extreme task to do in the morning or motivated well enough.

You need a very strong reason to wake up that early. So

  1. Find that strong reason

  2. Go to bed before 10 pm. Without 7/8 hours of sleep your body won’t wake up. Or even if you do you’ll sleep again(100%)

  3. Get sunlight of 30 mins within 2 hours of waking up. It restores your circadian rhythm.

(This is the micro summary of a book I read regarding how to wake up at 5 am).


Yes bro, feeling better today. Thank you.


Good to hear from you bro

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Put an alarm on your phone and make the ringing volume very hight and put your phone next to the door so you would have to get up to turn it off.

Also, don’t forget to sleep early if you want to wake up early.

Good luck



Made the tiger awake at 4.40