"Let's Begin" diary (rantings toward liberation)

Sane, wise, healthy, decent… Take your pick :sweat_smile:


That comes from different life experiences.


@lets_begin happy rewire anniversary brother :smile::tada:


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I look at the world fapping away. Vanilla men, Japanese relationship decline. Ai technology, how ■■■■ has gone a step further. Music has gone a step further. Ai music being created so easily. I don’t need to create beats. Everything has become fast and competitive. ■■■■ is the same. Culture is on a steady, maybe fast decline… “oh whatever dude, stop being heavy”

BUT DON’T you see? We are becoming morons. We are changing the way our brains work for the worse.
I can create a Baroque piece with a few prompts, and without the skill, knowledge, discipline, devotion, and LOVE it really takes.

“nah, AI can do it”

Fuck this and Fuck this tech culture shit. Fuck YouTube, fuck social media, fuck ideology and all the divisions we see in the world.

We’re at constant war and competition, and I’m tired of it.
Pronprnorpnornorprnopron… (sigh) what a load of nonsense… It’s tiring

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I wanna live in the dirt, eat the trees, and wipe my arse on video screens

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Rather than put his head in his hands or show any signs of distress or fear, Wilson simply smirked at the judge who is scheduled to decide on the capital punishment recommendation on July 23.

Just as prosecutor Sara Miller said that Wilson had an “utter indifference” to the life of Melton, he appeared to adopt the same stance when faced with his own death.

That is from someone that strangled one woman in her sleep, and then later asked a stranger for directions and threw her under his car, running over her 20 times.

This is where the world is at. This is where shit gets too.
And people thought getting rid of God was a good idea

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They are trying to control us, they are trying to control you for their own benefit. But you can never make everyone improve before you make yourself improve. You can’t wait for life to not be hard anymore before you decide to be happy.


How to judge people, dismiss them, manipulate and glorify self. Yep, sounds great. Let’s all be a bunch of cunts, so that even if someone says they like you you aren’t even sure anymore.

Treat others how you like to be treated.
Treat yourself like you do others.

Pmo is the epitome of self absorbed culture

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How to read people. Is this a book?

I don’t know, just something in my news feed. But I’m sure there is a book out there

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Jordan somes it up very well. It is a generalisation without nuance, so don’t beat yourself up, you probably have good qualities and you do want to be free of ■■■■, being part of nofap, but DO take it to heart. He’s completely right.

I’d been thinking lately about the question, if girls are putting themselves out there to be objectified, what does it matter? I’m not hurting anyone but just going along with the game and getting my fix, so Jordan’s answer is great to hear.

This year will be my 42nd year on this planet, and want to encourage you guys;
How you treat people is what is important, and not body count

You will have plenty of opportunities to make relationships with ladies as your mature, because women naturally look for a mature older guy. It just happens.

(Notice I say "relationships’, and ‘ladies’ but not ‘guys’
That’s really show what I’m like. I love girls and that’s the problem, I don’t really love someone, but love to please myself, I don’t even truly love my gf, but say it so she doesn’t worry)

What you’re doing now, DO IT WELL, and work on being a nice guy NOW, You will thank me later.

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How do we kill the desire to PMO? You ask @Forerunner
I personally think it’s how we think about sex and women.

Culture bombards us with an unhealthy attitude about it, body counts, for certain women things like “sex and the city” and Marvel heroes, and for us those goddamn awful guys on YouTube who bring on OnlyFans girls just to show how stupid and fallacious their ideas are - those guys are right? Well…yes, but also No. Because long lastyhealthy relationships aren’t based upon men being dominant, but 2 people working through things together. Relationships aren’t always easy. It would be much easier if we had a submissive woman/girl, but they are still people with opinions.

As much as I love Jordan Peterson, it pisses me off when he (and the community) feel the need to rejoice in themselves and bring down a well meaning Atheist who says “I feel gratitude without having to give it reason or positing it in God”
He’s good at clinical psychology helping guys out of hopelessness but terrible at listening in humility when it comes to a “woke” person being honest about how they find peace and goodness in life.
We seriously need to be a lot more open minded instead of thinking there is only one correct answer, otherwise we’ll end up isolated or in small knit communities that repeat the same things over & over


We all know having 1 body count with a long lasting loving partner>> three digit body count.

It’s just that so many damaged people think it’s a flex but later on even they realise that it creates a deeper hole rather than filling the void left by their ex.


As a whole we need to relearn empathy and respect.

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