Last Person Standing Match ⚔ [Finished]

  • We want single-relapse-knockout rule.
  • No, do not change the rules.

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Btw when is the season 2 of this match starting?

Let it run like this only
Make another thread for season 2.


That’s also a good idea

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Last Person Standing SEASON 2: POLLS 4 RULES

Bro, I will volunteer, but cant do it alone.

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I cant make groups… a mod. has said that and i am not complaining … I am okay with their decision

I will write my diary only.

And i know i am a joke in this forum.

I would happily leave the forum… but i have a point to prove to some of the people that i am a free man.

I have to lift myself in my eyes and my true friends here. They understand me and thats why i love them. Thank you @koylakhadan & @udi
You guys are doing great. May you successed this time. Dont worry for me. I will also successed. I have not quited … i am still in the game.

Very few people are here who has a streak of 100 plus days.

They dont waste their time here. They rarely visit this forum.

Only a very few … waste their time here … they have fake ego in them… like they wanna prove something… that they are better than others… they are the kings… they want more likes to satisfy their ego. They are living in this fake world.
In reality … i dont know if they are doing something good.

Great people never waste their time in this kind of forums.
They live in reality. They are not hungry for virtual likes. They live in real relations. They rarely visit here.

Idiots like me… who are struggling to Reboot… come here and find some comfort. It provides me a channel to pour my heart out because nobody know who i am… i have privacy here.
So its nice to write my diary here.

I know nobody gives a shit about me here and thats fine.
I can live with that.

And … Yes i am Resurgent … Yes… if somebody has a doubt… i am saying again… i am Resurrection… Courageous… Awakening…

Ban me again… if it serves the purpose of this forum… and i am not ranting here. I am a free man.
And i have no personal fight with the admin. Or the mods.

This group was created by me. You should have some respect for that.


Ohh!! I should have already understood.

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:warning::warning: @ysung @buntyak please update your streaks within two days.

8 months :v:


I have updated mine yesterday…

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Nice work. Your killing it.

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Great Job dude. Nvr look back. :+1:

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Sharing code - r8w4sh
Country - Kenya :kenya:
Age - 20
Sex - Male
Current streak- 5 days

So ive been rebooting for awhile. Going on 8 months. Im starting to think about dating again. So i signed myself up for an online dating app. Ill tell you what. You have to be careful. Looking at pictures of women even though not pornographic can still put you down a lustful path. I didnt think about masturbation but rather strong feelings to be with these women sexually. Ive re-adjusted but wow. Its powerful. This will be my next level of not choosing a woman based on lust but based on her soul.


updated my streak 220 days omg


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Another 20 days. Can we do it?