Last person standing match 3.0 ( rules discussion )

yeah… jaan lagani hai ab… :fist:


I will cross ~40 this time :slightly_smiling_face:


Guys by the way, today is my birthday and in retrospect I feel …so much of life has been wasted.
As I turn 27 I am trying to resolve that enough is enough, I dont wanna live a life of regrets anymore.


First of all happy birthday dear i think this the right time and gift for your birthday to start endless reboot journey i hope next birthday you will be celebrating with a one year of no fap. Congratulations dear :tada::tada::tada:


Thanks bro…

Folks, below is the summary, go through it and suggest changes.

  1. Entry deadline is first week. No new participant will be entertained after week 1.
  2. Duration of match is 3 months. Hence the match would end on 13th November,2019.
  3. Participant will get eliminated upon first relapse.

Scoring Rules:

  1. 100 points for every week on nofap.
  2. 50 points once someone crosses his highest streak.
  3. Every participant should take up at least 3 tasks from the list of tasks. 30 points will be given when someone completes at least 2/3 tasks on at least 6 days of the week.
  4. Every 4th week the participants should take up one additional task. Then they should do at least (all tasks - 1) on at least 6 days of the week to get 30 points.
  5. Tasks have been divided into mandatory tasks and elective tasks.
  6. Participants should share their improvement stories weekly once , this would motivate everyone else.

Task Rules:

Participants must do the below mentioned 3 mandatory tasks in first 3 weeks.
From the fourth week they can select one additional task from the tasks list.

Mandatory Tasks:

These are the tasks which must be done by everyone. These are aimed at brainwashing the subconscious mind against PMO and making everyone obsessed with the goals that matter.

  1. Meditation : For the beginners 5-10 minutes meditation once a day is good enough.
  2. Affirmations : Maintain a journal and write (One-time activity) :
    a. why you are doing nofap ?
    b. how has it harmed you ?
    Read these answers daily.
    First thing in the morning write (Daily activity):

a. what you want to achieve in life ?
b. why is it so important ?
In the night before going to sleep:
Read the journal again and introspect how aligned are you actions with your goals.

  1. Track your progress daily and check in rewire app with a summary.

Elective Tasks:

  1. Fixing the sleep schedule
  2. Cold Shower
  3. Yoga
  4. Workout
  5. Facing Your Fears Like Social Anxiety / Socialize /Talk to one new person
  6. Studying hard for your Goals.
  7. Going Outside Daily.
  8. Quitting other addictions.
  9. Worshipping or any spiritual practice
  10. Reading few pages of a good book daily
  11. Practicing gratitude / Giving back to society / Social work
  12. Spending quality time with your family
  13. Creative recreation (dancing, singing, playing an instrument)
  14. Cooking

Since 1 week entry deadline is pretty short period. The interested participants can give their details in this post

  1. KarmaYogi
    Age - 27
    Gender - Male
    Country - India
    Highest Streak - 68
    Sharing code - thxmdu
  1. Redemption84
    Age - 34
    Gender - Male
    Country - Brazil
    Highest Streak - 142
    Sharing code - tatgsw
  1. Alegend
    Age - 19
    Gender - Male
    Country - India (Delhi)
    Highest Streak - 41
    Sharing code - 5x6e28
  1. Martial_Beast
    Age - 20
    Gender - Male
    Country - India
    Highest Streak - 34
    Sharing code - xatx66
  1. 17ripu.jhala/ Rpjhala
    Age - 21
    Gender - Male
    Country - India
    Highest Streak - 131
    Sharing code - 4fcb57

I dont get it. Plz make it more clear. Its confusing.

I think there should be 1 mandatory task & 3 tasks of choice.

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 Sahas/ Resurgent
 Age 27  Male
 Married & father of a daughter.
 Highest streak : 32
 Sharing code :  kbwwju
 Country : India
  1. KillerAttitude
    Age - 21
    Gender - Male
    Country - India
    Highest Streak - 20 days
    Sharing code - ktknv7


All hail the King of Scotland!
He’s back and he’s undefeated!


Gender - Male
Country - Scotland
Highest Streak: 228
Code: 4pgeax


Wow! What is your current streak?

228 is my current streak.


On hard mode OR soft mode ?

@udi come join us. …