Last 90 days of 2020

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Day 4

To become the best in my field… Yeah… I have to work my ass off for that…and that requires a lot of energy and enthu… so I can’t do PMO… if I want to become the best…

Today’s Word to remember: BEST…I will be the best…I am the best.

BDW last night I had some urges… I remember that word DREAMS again again… I thought about this last 90 days… and I managed to overcome those urges…

All the best everyone…WE CAN!!!.. WE WILL!!!..


#DAY 4#


I am unable to study more than half an hour… It’s generally because I am unable to focus on my activities which are more important than porn . I have to gain the focus which I must have at my age . I WILL DO IT .
Infact , WE ALL WILL DO IT .
Good Luck Friends !!!

Day 1

Again failed. I peeked without PMO but failed.
But I still have to do this. reason: me.

Today I am doing noFap for myself

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Ok im in. I am currently on my 10 th day

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