Laptop blockers

Hi everyone,
I have recently been using 2 blockers in my phone, they have saved me from peeking countless times when I lost control. I’ve now got a laptop and have decided to put a blocker on that too, to reduce the risk of peeking as far as possible. Does anyone know any good laptop based blockers?


How about stay focused? You can block apps and websites with it

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Ill have a look at it. Many thanks!!

I think there’s a version of blockerx for windows and mac os as well

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You could try using the Hosts file. It’s a bit more advanced, but it does the job. There’s a whole GitHub post here if you’re curious.

You could also set the DNS of your router to something different. This blocks on all devices in your home. There’s a couple out there (just look for the ones marked Families or Adult Filter).

Bro could you tell me the blockers you are using for your phone ?

Oh and as for the adblocker for a laptop , you could just go to the google webstore and download any adblocker , most of those work.

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I use two, blocker and x blocker. Both can have a custom block list, so you can block every word you could possibly think of and it has and uninstall protection.

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Thanks! Ill have a look

thanks man , imma block all porn sites real quick :smiling_imp:

I did pay for the premium version of blocker. I have the pass code to my brother so i can’t unlock it. Good luck in your battle bros!

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I use block site on laptop . It synchronizes with my mobile.


Many thanks my friend !!!

Other than the premium part the app is awesome , thanks man .

Yeah, it’s a shame you have to pay
I decided after a while it was worth the money to get the extra protection

Then that means you haven’t done any good research on the net. There two VERY FREE methods to implement on your computer: 1) Change the dns filter, and 2) Edit the system 32 host file.

To change the dns filter, you simply open your network propreties on control panel. Double clikk the wifi or ethernet you are using. After opening the properties double click ipv4, check on "Use the following DNS server adresses " and write down the filter adresses, then click OK. Do the same with ipv6.

IPv4 filter address : and
IPv6 filter address : 2a0d:2a00:1::1 and 2a0d:2a00:2::1

As you are done with that part, open CMD as administrator and type in “ipconfig /flushdns” then hit enter.
Problem with this method is that it does not block very unknown and unpopular sites that take lots of efforts to find on a search engine. But why should you do this? I can however assure you that it blocks most of the entire pornographic and explicit parts of the web and force most engines to activate safe search/browsing. If you enter a website it has not filtered yet, the computer will do so within a couple of days. It does not block proxy or VPNs, nor mixed-content sites such as Reddit.

If you don’t think you have a strong will (no offense) against looking up explicit content and nsfw on reddit, then method 2 is helpful.

On your computer right click notepad and chose “open as administrator”. Windows will prompt a new window to make sure you want to do make changes. Chose Yes. Once notepad is open, click file, then open “C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc” folder. Under “ localhost”, type in any website with a before them. Then save the file and the websites are blocked. For several websites such as twitter that offer mixed content, you have to clear cookies and web history so that the computer successfully block them.

Then there is an unmentioned third method: building up a strong will. Set up a plan this sumner and avoid triggers. Do workout sessions, build your body and lose fat the best way you can. There is alot of skin and possibly undecency this season thanks to this hypersexual culture, but once you lower your gaze, it’ll be easyer everyday. Don’t forget why you want to quit porn use and masturbation.


Just a quick reminder, that you can bypass the first 2 methods using DoH. I’m not sure if it can bypass the Hosts method, but I do know that you can bypass the DNS using this method. This is pretty easy for a lot of non-tech savvy people to do because all you need to do is open your browser settings.

These are also other bypasses. Unfortunately, sites like Reddit don’t have a “family” setting like YouTube does. This means that you can still find communities that hold NSFW content. All you need to do is click a button and you’re in.

If you want to block proxies and VPNs, you could try using the Family Filter by CleanBrowsing. Just use the guide mentioned by @Wise_Guy_97.

IPv4 address : and
IPv6 address : 2a0d:2a00:1:: and 2a0d:2a00:2::

Bear in mind, this will cause some functionality like comments on YouTube to go away.

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Thanks! I’ll look into it some more!

Love this stuff. Blockers are easily the most overlooked aspect of a NoFap lifestyle and yet an effective safeguard, BlockerX for mobile is just unmatched, blocks websites and explicit content very well. Although it does block out some content unnecessarily but I’d say it’s a small price for a free safeguard that works. The laptop or computer tends to be a bit tricky, here you want to use a single browser with an add-on to filter explicit contents, I use Firefox, I’ll share the add-on shortly. But that’s not where it ends and I discovered this the hard way, I’d you’re on Windows OS then there’s this preinstalled browser (MS Edge) the name alone is a trigger! I haven’t figured out how to uninstall it, and you have to find a way to add a blocker here as well because we all know how easily a strong urge might suddenly turn into action when there’s Nothing to prevent it.

BlockSite is the extension on Firefox. Free and effective. Hope this helps.