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I couldn’t post anything today, I will be doing tomorrow.

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Its Easter and Vishu, I rarely get time to post anything. Anyway I have a lot to share tomorrow. I am heartbroken today


Happy Vishu and Easter macha. Ninte exams okke kazhinjo ?


Enth patti mahn ? Everything fine ?

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Evede, thodangitollo.


Nale paraya :smiling_face_with_tear:. Ippo vaya :fearful::fearful:

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What’s the point in writing in Malayalam when I am gonna ask for translation anyway :joy:.


He was asking ‘kya tumhara exams katham ho gaye?’
Sometimes we forget it :crazy_face:


Thanks @Joosh buddy.

If @Samaranjay asks for translation @Joosh , @the_resilient_one , @Djalan , @josephvt or anyone who know malyalam please be kind enough to translate it for me :joy::crazy_face::crazy_face:


Same thing happened with me , I was worried whether I would be able to pass the exam or not but I had studied those things earlier and they were there in my mind so I did not face such a problem . But now , new session has started and I have my first test on monday that is overmorrow . I am trying my hard , let’s see what happens .
I made streaks of 2 months and 5 months before this but now I have really lost the flow . I relapsed 4 times in past 1 month . It has really affected me badly . I used to think that I am out of this addiction.
But This time I am more determined than ever before . Let’s see where it takes me :crossed_fingers:


:rofl::rofl::rofl: fine sure
Guys because of easter and good Friday, I get no time to think about PMO. I wish everyday was like this

I relapsed 4 times in an hour :smiling_face_with_tear:. But we will Win :sparkles:

I get no time because of my schools and heavy study schedule for 10th :slightly_smiling_face: . But there is holiday for 4 days . It has been really hard to resist urges but I didn’t relapse anyways . Next we have a summer vac of 45 days . Idk how I will control myself sitting all day along in my home :upside_down_face:

Bruh , I feel broken after 4 relapses in a month . So many relapses in a single day must be too hard for you

Btw this app is pretty good :slight_smile:

In my vacation period. I will go to gym, learn instruments, I will buy the library :rofl:, study singing and a lot of things. So I will rarely maybe get time

I too have a lot of things to do but it is still difficult to stay away

I nearly died after that

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I won’t be using phone in vacation or no cellular data just phone calls

Great bro !!
But that is like impossible for me :joy: to do . There are a lot of things for which I need to use my laptop and phone :confused:

I also have mahn, but we need to control it and I am not sure about that too. I will try If I could avoid that

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