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Life is really Simple, But We insist on making it Complicated :dizzy:

Life is All about Balance :black_nib:



I have been thinking to Write a Diary over here for the past few months, But a Monster in us which makes our Goals and Dreams into vain caught me back " Laziness "


I’m so messed up had a relapse twice thrice today, chaser kills me. I am really dead. I have an important exam tomorrow :sob::fearful::cold_sweat:


Best of luck dude. May Allah bless you


I said I had an important exam, I nailed it because I studied those chapters at the time of a good streak so I remember everything. After coming back I saw the movie dune I don’t know suddenly what happen I went to the site. I don’t have a single bit of control over me. I don’t know how very good streaks before. I relapsed four times in a hour. How is it humanly possible ?Could you guys suggest me a good no fap course? May 11th - November 12th were the best days of my life. My face looks miserable now dark circles weak joints low eyesight really weak feel like I am breaking. My chest is paining am I going to die ? I am starting everything from tomorrow, can’t let go off things like this. I remember how handsome I look in November now I am shit I am nearly blind if I took my specs I am really blind my brain is not supporting me I am not able to study anything. Send me some of NF course because 1 NF King said that it is impossible to break this he said you should read books about NF join some what courses. He said to read a book called psycho cybernetic that books have everything to make you discipline

I know it is very long I am voice typing because my fingers are not working please forgive the mistakes what can I do


I challenge myself 3 days , I guarantee . Someone look after me , my english is bad cause voice typing . Please pardon me

Well you should follow the below steps right now if you have relapsed an hour ago or recently -
Take cold shower
Eat something heavy!! Make your stomach full of good food! You can eat something of street after u eat something healthy!
Stay away from staring at phone, don’t even use headphones for an hour or Two!
After an hour listen to binaural beats for dopamine receptor repair.!!

Then take a notebook, make two sections -
One for daily schedule and second for goals you want to achieve in short term

Then get back to forum! And let us know :innocent: it’s fine!


I lost the flow of making good streaks , I will do this sure, how can I get notification from forum?

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Brother why are you doing noFap for streaks or to get rid of PMO?

I think you need to find a goal work towards it with all hard work and dedication it will help you keep your mind occupied and focus will be on work rather than thinking nofap or PMO all the time.


I have one goal - study for exam.
I have decided to do a thing. I will tell you if it works


Both are not happening bto

Today also I relapsed. I didn’t keep my promise I am sorry friends but something✨️ magical happened today why I was bathing I started think why am I losing like this what am I not doing that I used to do in the old days of good NF streaks. I started getting crazy about what went wrong Suddenly an inner voice came out of me saying that I am wrong. Suddenly I started remembering November 12th 7:00 p.m. while I was bathing when I relapsed I said to myself I am such a loser idiot dead worst person ever because I breakd a good streak then after each lapse consecutive I started saying this to me again and again this started to change my brain the way I think the way I work I started checking my Diaries and realise that I have written in that I am a failure nearly dead no roll in this world then I realized the name of the diary I am writing now I am surrounded with failure I surrounded myself with failure I understood my mistake I saw my room it was filled with junk I have decided to change everything my room my thoughts my way my surroundings I need to get serious I also realise that what I say to myself is what I do. My first exam was a subject I felt it would be difficult for me even though I studied so well I messed up wasn’t difficult for me but I made it difficult. I am happy I at least showed the courage to write this I have not meditated worked out or done anything productive properly. I used to do that before while having good streaks tomorrow my cousins are coming they show me in November at that time I was looking very good I was able to social life with them and speak like never before to them all my family member were Amaze asking what happened to him I was so confident and amazing but if they see me now they will feel what happened to me suddenly. Please help me. I am going to change everything. I am going to speed positivity

I am going to change the name of the diary and the pics that itself is so negative


Vishamikanda bro. Njaanum ippo relapse aayi. Namk orumich poraadam. Nammal nthayalum ee no fap thodangi. Ini ottum vittveezhcha illa.


Pinne introduction onn positive aak. Dp okke positive aavumbo neeyum positive aavum.


Yes bro, Vittukodukanella ithra duram namal vannathu


That’s the spirit bro !!!


All set bro :sparkles:
Many people are suffering we need to come up with a great Strategy for all


I have my maths exam after a few days, My brain doesn’t solve any answers anyway I have escaped the family get together . It got cancelled , thank God, so I need to study and thinking about a plan which I would be discussing with u guys . Thank u all :blush:

My new plant🌱 Should I name him ‘Oxygen’ ?