John's Diary [27 M] Detailed summary of each day (100 days nofap challenge)

Day 1,2
So its my third day .
I successfully completed 2 days without any fapping .
I found many difficulty in controlling my urge specially in the morning . Its like hell … Iam addicted of fapping right after waking up .
I use to check my phone , my instagram , chat apps and every time it leads me to my fantasy world … one thing leads to another and in between i get thoughts of coming out of this fantasy world but then also my mind plays with me like just go for this one and then i will quit but its a trap i always fell into and i get out of it only after fapping .

But from before taking this no fap challenge i deactivated all my instagram , chat apps and block my browser also … So now whenever i wake up and tries to go for it my phone reminds me that i dont even have to check it … Sometimes i try to trick myself by sorting out a way to browse or check anything but then i controll myself .
I never knew it will be so hard to come out of this porn shit .

Please god help me in rewiring my brain .i really want a way to delete all the porn shit data that is permanently stored in my brain .

Guys please motivate me i dont wanna ruin my life anymore .

My sharing id is wh2fbj .


Are you married ?
What is your profession ?

M Not married .
I am a software engineer .

Focus your energy on your job bro. You might get a promotion.

Yes i am trying something new in my field … And spend my free time in learning that …


Day 3 … 1.20 pm .

I am struggling a lot dont know how to control my urges … I never believed this will be so hard … being home alone i cant keep my hands of ding dong … Even while i am trying to study and hands are busy playing with it … I am coming to this app again n again to distract my hands.
God i am starting to hate my mind and hands.

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I went outside to distract myself . Had a little talk with some peoples and venders …
Had pomegranate juice and 4 boiled eggs . Now i am back when i am completely sure that my urges are gone . My tummy is full and i am focused again .


Day 3 --7.00 pm

Urges came twice today it was very hard to fight those urges but somehow i survived .
Now its evening and i am at peace . No urges at all .
Planned some more things that will help me in recivering faster .
1 - water intake . – i realised this a long time ago thaat i dont drink water as much as i should be . So i insatlled an app that is reminding me to drink water . 300 ml every hour .
2-Now i am peeing more and also i start doing some kegel excersise though i can hardly do any reps today .
3- controlling smoking -
I smoke approx10-12 cigs daily i know it is also affecting ed .
So today i tried to quit smoking but i wasnt able to do that … So i made a plan to atleast have a gap 8 hours in between my every cigs . So that my body can recover from it a bit …

Wish me luck guys.
I really need a huge support i tried doing all this alone but always failed but now as i can share i think i am more determined than ever before .


Day 3 6.30 am .
Day 3 is almost about to complete.
I am on my bed now going to sleep .
The thing i do to fight my urges is .
Whenever urges comes i dont open my browser instead i come here and write my experiences. …
This makes my urges fade away and makes me feel more determined .

Day 4 -
I am so happy I completed 3 days .
Feeling very energised … and also i think my hand tremblings are now in control i dont see any trembling its a very good sign atleast inspiring for me .

Day 4 – 12.30 pm
I see a pattern i get urges every morning when i wake up and then the second urge comes in between 12-1 pm … Its happening since i started nofap challenge…

Day 4 — 1.30 am

The only thing i am concentrating on is …
"Every single day i am 1% cured … "
Just for some minute of pleasure i am not going to waste my progress … "

And as i already mentioned i only get urges twice one in the morning and another one is in afternoon … These two urges are difficult to handle. once i get through these urges i dont find any difficulty in spending my whole day …
Later .

And one opinion for my fellow friends …
Stop thinking and worrying …
Stay positive just have faith that everything is going to be alright … Be happy spend your day like normal peoples around you …
Thinking more n more about porn and nofap will also affect your brain .
Use this app only when you feel like giving up.
Else dont even think of it.
Dont try to waste your time reading stories of other people and even mine . Gain knowledge set your goal set everything that you need to do . Then dump everything .
Forget everything concentrate on your work and profession wverything will be fine.
Adios amigos .


Day 5 -
Omg i completed 4 days and the good news is i got mild morning wood today .
Everyday i use to wake up with an urge to masturbate but when I woke up this morning i felt mild erection i was so happy.
There was no urge of watching porn or fap today .

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Please do share your opinions too if you are reading my diary .
I need some support too …

I can concentrate on my work more efficiently today …
No urges till now … And also i am in good mood today unlike earlier . Maybe That mild morning boner was like a gift for me that made me happy.

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Spent my day with ease, no strong urge …
After a very long time today i really enjoyed my day and my work … Felt so happy n satisfied with doing all the work n communicating with colleagues was really awesome …

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Day 6
5 days omg i completed 5 days .
I am so happy …

Day 6 - 12.00 pm
Morning was a bit struggling … Urges were very strong today even i tried to watch my instagram …
God bless the maker of porn and browser blocker.
I am still surviving .

Day 6-- 8.15 pm

So it feels like god is helping me too i had some very strong urges today … But i defeated all of them everytime i touch myself i remove my hands .
I installed an app which is a simple stop watch but it always runs over the applications you are using … So its a kind of reminder that works all the time. Whether i am watching youtube or anything and get excited by some scene, the stop watch reminds me that i dont have to do it my time is running out .