John's Diary [27 M] Detailed summary of each day (100 days nofap challenge)

The mild erections i am getting a few times a day are really boosting up my confidence …
And this also proves that i will get cured … I only have to stay strong and stop fapping and porn .

Bro, you are doing great, already on 6th day right…?? Just keep going, don’t turn back. Soon this 6th day will change to 30th day and so on.

Good luck on your journey mate.

Day 6 completed bro its my 7th day now …

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Thanks bro , i just hope so till now i am surviving and feeling confident enough to reach 100 days benchmark …

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Day 7 -
Omg 6 days completed believe me i know 6 days is very less for rebooting but i feel more happy n confident already .
I had pretty strong morning wood today comparing to my earlier mild erections though it is still not a good erection i will still call it as mild erection and I think this is making me happy .
I dont know when my flatline period will start but i am ready to tackle that too .

Dont believe in flatline bro. Just keep yourself busy in daily goals. Flatlines only comes to those people who have no goals in their life. When people rely on their nofap benefits & power to do their work; they get disappointed one day because the energy might not be always rising up. It might get stagnant for some time.
They call it as flatline. If you dont bother much about it and stay patient… you can get through all flatlines …

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Thanx for making it more easier to tackle it bro …

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Day 7 - 11.10 pm
My head is spinning a bit i am not sure its bcoz of nofap or not but i never experienced this kind of head spinning …
Neither i wanna sleep nor wanna do anything i am just feeling un comfortable.
One more thing its not like i wanna watch porn too …

If anyone else experienced such situation please contact me and share your experience .
Thank you .

Day 8–
One week completed …
So yesterday i uninstalled this for some personal reasons …
And after I reinstalled this app my streaks is gone.
Now it is showing my highest streak of 180 days that i never achieved in my life. My highest nofap streak was of 22 days and at that time i wasnt even using this app.
It is so depressing for me . My streak was my pride everytime i looked at it i feel like i dont have to relapse or else i will loose this. Streak gives me power to keep on going.
I was eagerly waiting for the next badge i was about get of 7 days .

Well its an application and bugs can come anytime . I am still waiting for an solution from the testing team hope they will sort it out.

Now coming to day summary .
Last day of my first week was not very good.
My head was spinning a lot ears were ringing i dont know the exact reason for that . No urges at all.
I am still seeing some mild head spinning and ears ringing .
Its my 8th day and i am still feeling confident enough not to break my original streak …
No fap forever .
Later .

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I had my ears rung 2 days back but at that time i had drink a beer.

No bro i stopped drinking its been 7 months since i am clean … Now i am working on my smoking habit too …

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Too difficult for me bro i tried many times … :expressionless:

Make a Plan.
Reduce the amount of puffs per day…

All my plans were failed … Though i am trying now to smoke in interval of 8 hours … But its very hard sometimes i had to smoke in 5-6 hours only …

I have a solution for your problem sir,
First do 31 days of hard mode.
Then try quitting smoking.
You will become beast in mental strength on 31th day. Ciagrattes will be put to rest once & for all.

Hope so … But most probably i will do sex on approx 20th day of hard mode no fap …

Day 9
Urges are strong again but i am not giving up .i am concentrating on my work …
Even my mind tricked me to watch porn and i searched twice for porn yesterday thankfully i live in india and all i was able to do is seeing porn movies thumbnails on google search page not able to access any so no use of searching it and within minutes i am back on my track Without even touching myself .

Brother, even when porn sites were legal… I installed a porn blocker on my pc… and anything porn related would block my search… but still it didn’t work… Even if we don’t see porn there is enough stored in our memories from viewing over a period of time… We have to conquer ourselves from within… Only then we will be fully rewired…

All I am saying is… Start focusing on your work more and try doing meditation more brother. It will heal you from within…

One thing that i did months ago that i dumped my laptop now i use my company’s laptop for work only so in any case i can’t store and watch porn … i cant dump my smart phone so i took a very basic smart phone having internal memory of 16gb only and with no memory card so i solved my storing porn problem… But i still use to visit porn sites in my phone … And porn blocker on phone are not so good . With just few taps we can unblock it and you know how our brains tricks when urges comes .
So porn ban is good for me .