Jessiestone724(F) -recovery diary

I started the reboot journey back in 2018 but gave up. I am starting it again but now with more knowledge and companions.
I will try to share what I have learned about this issue and we can be better together.

1- The first step is always about accepting that you have an addiction. Until you keep fooling yourself you cannot start the process. I have come to realise this now that I have an addiction after reading about it.

2- The second step is finding out what is that you are escaping from real life? When you are suffering from something in your subconscious mind you don’t realise and turn to this instant gratification. In my case, It is the abuse when I was a child. I want you to think about the reason that led you to this addiction. The pain or the failure? I came to this platform to fight this hidden addiction hoping that I will succeed.

I will share more of my thoughts. For now peace out. :v:


It’s good that you figured out the causes of you addiction and want to improve. All the best for your journey. You can participate in some challenges here on the forum. And take help from other companions.


Thankyou! I’ll look into challenges. All the best to you also.

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Day 5:
Stress is the one if the biggest factor that takes you back to this habit. A few minutes on screen gives you the instant gratification that is needed to overcome the stress. The reality it your stress will remain, your work or assignments will still be there but you fool yourself into believing that everything is fine. Being a human, mind should be in our control and we should not be a slave to our thougts. Be courageous and finish the work or whatever thing is stressing you out. Even if it is something you cannot handle still going back to PMO will not make things any better. It will make it worse with all the side effects. Don’t let your brain fool you!


Day 8:
From day 8-10, it is always challenging. This is the time the brain wants to go back to old habits. I am going strong though. It’s weird how your brain even starts thinking about people who have long been out of your life and you do not think about them but it just wants to bring back any memory that can give you that dopamine shot. I will not fall into this trap. I can make it!

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That’s right. I would also say it’s a healing process. Whatever we have suppressed about the past come to the surface. If you let it go eventually it will fade…


I haven’t thought it from that perspective. :face_with_monocle: And it makes a lot of sense to take these thoughts as a part of healing process instead of stressing about them. :ok_hand:


I agree with you. Lot of different mental state will come during this whole process.

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