I've got some questions related to PMO

Okay, so lemme say why I created this topic…
Because I am relapsing way to much than what I used to.
So my questions to people with higher streaks is:

Guys, what makes you go on and on each day?

Do you guys HATE porn and masturbation?

Do you guys actually have a BASE REASON that drives you for doing NO FAP?

I’d like to ask:
@the_resilient_one @pingpong1 @Samaranjay @GOVIND-19 @drago @rewire_user @babi
and other people who wish to answer.


It’s a lifestyle. Also we get motivation by saying let’s do it to see what we can get from it? We got addicted to pmo same way. So to get rid from it same method is suitable.


Alright, so… I’m only on day 5 because I feel like I can help you get out of the chaser effect… To answer you question…

But that’s clearly not enough to drive me because I’m still addicted…

So here’s what got me to 5 days after like 2 weeks of chaser effect:

I found a day where I knew I was not going to relapse… Like I was busy all day that day… I don’t know if you’re ever going to have one of those soon so my advice to you is to contain yourself with work and productive activities all day…

Day 1 was good and bad… I had tons of urges to look at some of the women at the place I was at and at some of them I did… I didn’t count that as a relapse though…

Here’s a weird thing that’s been getting me through though… Find a sappy movie where you are probably gonna cry… Like I’ve watched “the Fault in Our Stars” twice and “Five feet apart” those both have some graphic stuff in them if you were thinking about watching so be warned… But they both involve people who are dying and didn’t get to live their whole life… This opened my eyes… I love my life dude!! I have a functioning body and a family who cares for me and a roof over my head!!

And most importantly I found someone that I really REALLY care about… Now that can be a family member or a friend or something else…

Once I’ve opened my heart, and I’ve opened mind… PMO can’t stop me anymore!! My life is perfectly fine without it!! Benefits or not!! I don’t need this because as I said before I’m still living!! I am still laughing!! And I’m still loving!!!

And I am incredibly blessed with the life I have!! And PMO is simply a teacher… It’s probably something that I’m going to be able to use later and this was actually of some good use after all… Not that PMO is good but the experience of beating it is good!!!

Here’s my tactic though…
I don’t let urges become urges… If you feel a little tingle of sexual lust that’s not an urge… That’s the bridge that leads to an urge… And when I feel that… I immediately know that it’s lies!! I won’t even think about why it’s lies because our addicted brains will try to trick us… But before it gets to that point… I’m not listening to a lier before it tells me more lies…

I could expand on this more but I’m still working on this…

I hope this helps my guy!!!

GOD bless you to the fullest!!!


Badass guy you’re. Didn’t read yet but awesome



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Sure I will give answers.

Well, tbh I lost almost everything to pmo. Now I don’t want to go back to that hell. I hate this addiction.
Dippression, anxiety, bad relationship, becoming fool and most importantly bad thinking about girls.i had dealt with these all.
You are 15 years old now. And that’s a great advantage for you. You can alter your future. You have the choice now . Whether to go down and destroy or to make yourself.
I was 16 when I started this pmo shit. (Yes I started late from most of people but I got addicted too fast) .And then it was like falling from a very high mountain. Pmo addiction was so severe that I did everything worse you can imagine. (I don’t even want to tell here)
Sometimes I think if only I was addicted either early or late😅. Or never addicted. Because if I was an early addict that I could have started to heal early like you.and could have recovered completely before 20. And focus on main things of life.
So from then on I embedded it in my subconscious to never get into this again. But still I am not enough . Still trying with help of you all guys.

Actually it’s more like love hate relationship :joy:
Pmo caused me dipression and all other things and then I started to look at things more deeply . Hence I am on a complete self development journey.

Above answers covers all. But specifically.
A life without lust , and respect for others, love and mutual respect.


I actually wanted to ask similar question from @GOVIND-19
He is completely awesome, he just doesn’t care about triggers or anything. Just badass no fapper. I would love to see what he says.

I am not in the position to answer this at the moment @prothekter_aden
But do I hate pornography? I do. The way it has ruined me is a whole another level.
When I go for a complete PMO session, the thoughts get fucked up real bad.

100% agreed.

When I was walking home after playing I was thinking quite deeply like I have two personalities inside me. One is confident, loves self improvement, loves working out, loves studying and the other one is a total coomer.
When I was playing I met this girl (state level player) on the court, we talked a lot, I was totally confident while talking to her, no bad thoughts or anything just usual good conversation, plus I killed it on the court shooting percentage was more than 80% for sure. I had this deep thought how good life actually is if I am always in my first personality mode and not the addicted little monster mode, my actual personality has been refined because of all the self development habits I have developed and it would never have been possible if I hadn’t embarked on no fap journey.
I just want to remove my addicted personality altogether and that is possible only if I stay clean forever. Good thoughts all around, maintaining all my habits to improve even further, studying hard, working out hard, confident life, achieving my life goals all of this is my driving force, I wanna live life instead of flushing it down the drain.

Kind of got swayed in emotions there :sweat_smile:


True bro. Felt the same :100:


:100: I can relate to this.

its alright brother, we all need to let our emotions more freely than our semen


nowadays it doesnt take effort to go on … not being in that shit again …thats what keeps me going…

hate takes too much energy out of you … i just dont care about hating it…

reason to nofap … i got some goals or dreams … i cannot fulfill those goals by fapping , those goals need lot of nofap benefits to achieve them …



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Well the truth is I don’t really think about nofap much. The only time I do think about it is when I use the app. And that’s why I became less active over the days. And the thing is, once you push through the initial days and get to a high streak, you’ll have too much to loose. It has that snowball effect. Don’t get me wrong, ita not easy. I’m just saying that since you’ll have too much to loose, you won’t give up. There are days when teb urges are too much and I wanna kill myself. But I don’t wanna start all over again so I just keep going. But most of the time, I just don’t think about it. I go on with my life. Working out and playing is my main hobby and source of happiness. That’s my method. It’s unorthodox and not widely followed. It’s not really followed by anyone except. All I do is do things I love doing everyday. So that I don’t have to watch porn for happiness.

Hatred is a strong word. Me hating it won’t helyme much does it. I hate studying, but I’m still doing it. I liked porn and masturbation and that’s why I was addicted to it. When I decided to quit I still wasn’t opposed to porn at all. But I did it anyway. It doesn’t matter. Hatred shouldn’t be the reason to quit it

You’re gonna laugh at this but the reason I decided to quit porn and masturbation was to get rid of acne. That’s it. When I started I had no idea about the negative effects porn had on me, I just wanted my skin to be clear. So I did it. Later on I learned more and more about the cons of porn. Which further motivated me. Well In the initial days of my current streak, I was strongly driven by my thirst for revenge. Some of you know that story. I had to beat a couple of people here. They humiliated me in a public thread and I couldn’t say anything against them coz my streak was low and theirs were high. So I stopped at nothing to get back at them. I beat one of them and got my revenge. The other one quit the app so I don’t know. That other bitch is still around though.

@Samaranjay thanks for the build up though. And to be fair, you knew all of these anyway



Yeah I think I did but you know I have been messing up a lot lately so I wanted to hear all of it :joy:


I literally haven’t changed at all bro. Same old me, same old method, same old philosophy