I've got some questions related to PMO

I know I know.
Atleast you know what your method is. I don’t know anything at all :joy:, I’ve been in between methods, combining all methods out there including yours and been falling facedown :man_facepalming:


Consistency is key bro. I have it easier coz I don’t have to study like you. If I had exmas like you I’d be done within a week. So don’t beat yourself up about it. Only you know how difficult it is to be you


:joy: I think I do. There’s a lot to resist and then studying makes it worse.
But again the point, it’s a necessity and I am driven to study because I know consequences are gonna be great if I secure good marks.

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Its my WHY . Why am I doing NoFap? The answer to this keeps me going. Remember, the answer should never be a general one, to be a good person, to get that girl, better person…noo…It should be a specific one line answer. That resolve will make you move forward.

Also Knowledge. Get to know everything about NoFap. I believe you should not do anything in Ignorance. In my initial days, I had much free time, so I used to read research articles about PMO and the benefits of abstinence and experiences of people who are addicted from years, people who are free from years. In short, every kind of information I could gather on this topic.

So, now I exactly know what I am doing. There is no doubts in my mind.

I hope this helps @prothekter_aden.


At first, there was a drive to stop masturbation and porn because it ruined my life to an extent that, it can not be healed.

Later, it became an habit and a lifestyle. Staying away from porn worked wonders for me. I could feel youthfulness again, less anxiety and depressive thoughts and it has helped in developing my will power as well.

At first, I would thank @Taher for creating this application and addressing the core issues that have ruined our society and weakening the young minds of the society.

This application has brought us together irrespective of gender and helped us stay anonymous.

The thing which helps me get motivation is the benefits that I got doing no-fap.

Also, lastly I would say, I feel like shit after failing. Those thoughts help me motivate.


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