It's note necessary to reset your counter

Reseting your counter after every relapse may lead to frustration and give up recovering path.
When you get slip, lapse or relapse don’t reset you counter .
For example you got relapsed twice in one month you must reducing these relapse to one pelapse in the next month, 3th month you have to do clean month without any relapse.
But Let me refer to an important thing:


It is for sugar quitting not fap :sweat_smile:


Sorry but are you saying not to reset the counter even after fapping up or peeking so isn’t that’s just lying to yourself !?


I definitely disagree with you brother, PMO is harmful wether you do it twice a day or once a month your damaging yourself and not making any progress , so by not reseting your counter you are lying to yourself


Basically concept of counting days isn’t particularly good. I mean it helps to stay away from pmo ans it is motivating but this is not what really nofap is about. Fundamentally nofap was created to help people who struggle with porn/masturbation addiction. And streak obsession grew pn the fact that if you abstain from porn for 90 dags you will rewire your brain and everythig will be fine. This is true in a way but the time tends to vary from person to person.

I think that nofap took this too far. People tend to focus on making their streaks longer rather than working their way out from the addiction. I mean when i was quitting porn i used to think a lot about my addiction and i was tring ti understand my enemy. In my opinion relaying on streak is juat lazy and it doesn’t make things better at all.

Of course reseting your counter is nonsense as it only makes u feel bad for yourself. Even if you relapse from time to time this can give you an idea why or when you do it. If you quit porn and you relapsed on day 10 you still quit porn 10 days ago but you relapsed.


This guy explains it even better. Recommend to check that out.

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I believe you haven’t read Easy Peasy but you are writing in similar direction. As @tagore said create at least a pdf.


I can totally agree with you. Counting days is just a method with flaws. It has it’s values but way too many people are just focusing on the counter and beleives that after 30-90 days they are free and a new person. Not so surprisingly, most of these people are the ones relapsing the very next day. It’s not a bad thing to have a date as a goal, but the thing that should change till then is not the number on your counter, but your own self. Your attitude, self-esteem, habits, perception of life.
It is sad, but thankfully, a lot of people realise this and gets to be free and even forget to count.

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