Is there any real way to escape?

It is hard to believe that there are those who succeeded have gotten out.

Let me ask this question.

How come the ones who succeed never stay long enough to share how they got free?

How come its just their streak and they are happy and they are gone?

I mean if they are doing well why not tell us the secret?


There’s no secret.

I cannot talk by everyone but I believe that people might care less about others since they got rebooted because what they shares and suggest might not work to everybody that is still fighting against the addiction, it’s something particular.

Since I’ve been rebooted I seek to be busy and doing good habits, it’s not magical or easy to get rid of it but on the other hand we can’t hope just a miracle without efforts and a real persistence.


I myself keep searching for this secret, and the answer has never been a simple one.

All of us got addicted differently based on our personal circumstances and choices in life.

And the answer will never be 100% same for 2 individuals.

Its been a year since i crossed 20 days and my highest streak is only 24days between.

I tried so many methods and it did work for a period of time, but not anymore. Maybe new methods work for some time and the main root problem takes control again.

I personally think getting help from a personal counselor is the solution. Which i have never been able to afford.

But its true that People who got free, they leave, and i understand that because whenever i have been able to control myself for more than 20days, i have felt like i am not addicted anymore, and at those times whenever anybody used to ask me for help or anything regarding nofap here in this forum, i have found myself to be avoiding or should i say, not being able to give more importance to their issue, and later i figured that, i was actually getting triggered by listening to other’s problems about nofap, which is why i used to avoid them. It someway or the other reminds us about our addiction when we try to help others in the basics of nofap.

And since you said escape, i understand now that, we can never escape this addiction, rather we gotta face it, its hardships and pain of all sorts(depression, stress, anxiety, flatline, withdrawal, etc.), and by facing it we have to figure out the solution based on the knowledge we have about nofap and this addiction. And when we overcome this after facing the problem, that will make a difference and have a long term effect…

Though this is my opinion and understanding, since i have never broken free.

For you there is no real way to escape.

  1. You don’t have control.
  2. You don’t want to follow any advice.
  3. You fear very much to other people like we are cannibals who will eat you.
  4. You are just don’t have guts to talk openly to us just cry like a wimp
  5. You can’t even cross a week.
  6. This forum has lots of advices which your brain aren’t processing so yes for you theres a big secret which might you can’t find out.

Please you don’t say man. You are itself a numb button. Not trying to open up, when you get down you relapse like a bunch of douchebag. How much horny pills you need to stay like this?
Write on your friend that you are a douchebag.

My problem is that Im lonely.

Loneliness is why I relapse.

Being single and afraid of women and desperate for a girlfriend is why I relapsed.

Is this clear?


In simplified form this challenge is all about urge.

Urge will always be there. It’s one of the reasons people get married and stay married for life.

Those who got out just know how to deal with urge.
There are many ways to deal with urge. Not always all method will work. I keep a list of methods to do when an urge arrives
Execute them and hopefully one sticks

And women would not like a desperate person like you you know what’s your problem the above i have mentioned before


Yes. Sadly you are completely correct.

I am incapable of applying advice. Because when i really do try to apply it, the results are always different than how it should be.

The talking openly part I am confused on.

What am I not talking openly about that would make things better?

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Now this is something I can give advice on.

  1. Don’t be desperate for a girlfriend in the first place. Bro you are thinking with your dick here. The whole point of self improvement is to be happy with yourself. Be confident to be by yourself. Be comfortable doing things on your own. This will not be easy but it takes practice and patience. Don’t be a sex hungry beta, what you need to look for in women is value and virtue. And when you start thinking that way, you will see them as humans that aren’t that scary. Why would anyone want a guy who is desperate?. Think!
    Desperate= low value.

  2. Women aren’t that scary dude. I mean think about it, they are just as much as human as we are. What you even scared of? Rejection? That will happen throughout your life. There is no success on the first try. It’s always trial and error. Try your luck with a girl. You might fuck up. So what, try on someone else. Bro there are so many girls out there. Most guys are so tunnel visioned that they limit themselves to a small group of women. Here’s a neat trick. Practice talking with girls who you don’t find attractive. Why? Because you won’t be scared of rejection coz you don’t care about them in the first place. So try conversing with them, practice with them until yyare more confident to step up your game


There are zero single women for 80 miles in any direction of where i live

There’s literally no woman to talk to except married ones

Thats why can’t even try

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Right bro…But u have to make it this time. Otherwise u will remain lonely forever.

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What do you mean by make it this time?

Nice words brother i liked it

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I mean don’t break the streak brother…

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Dropping my 2 cents

1st, make access to p, p-sub material hard for yourself.
now you have to do 2 things:
manage loneliness.
manage stress/negative feelings.

after that all there’s left to deal with is horniness due to biology. we are biologically wired that way. after long time your body will want release.
for example i crossed 30 days and i have to deal with urges.

I don’t think there is a secret other than an individual arriving at there. There are many words of wisdom in this app and elsewhere in the world, but not making that journey gives little satisfaction, so answering questions is a good way.

Thanks for asking the question, I find it helpful, and spurring me on my journey, as I’m sure it does others who reply - forgive me for not reading any.

Free advice won’t cost you until u work on it

After knowing the fact about dopamine that it is the main chemical in the brain that causes the urge to go for addictive behaviour, i searched on youtube that how to reduce the dopamine level on the brain. In the top 3 videos, i found a video entitled " Overcome any addiction, dopamine healing sound therapy" At first I just clicked on the video just to know what it was .

I thought this was just fake, so i just scrolled through the comments while the video was playing in the background. It is not music but like a sound of rain storm. I dont know how this worked but I managed to quit my gaming, youtube and unnecessary usage of phone completely.

This worked for me like miracle, it gave me back my control of the brain that i was capable of saying NO to anything unproductive.

In the pandemic while sitting at home, i did not go back to youtube nor gaming nor watching televisions . I spent hours walking accross my home but still dindnt go back.

As you have mentioned , and we know that tv youtube and gaming releases the same chemical , " dopamine" as in the case of drugs , getting away from these is as difficult as to tackle drugs.

I was addicted to tv in a huge way as it is continiously played in my home . Mostly those were family shows and I used to watch with my parents . But later it became such that i couldnt miss a single episode. If somehow I missed one , i felt so unseasy , like i had to watch the episode . There was intense craving similar to a person who smokes .

My entire life pattern changed after i accidently came across that video . In the comment section , many people said they have left weed , alocohol , smoking drugs and most importantly porn and so on .
I just listened to 3 times and the craving for anything unproductive has completely gone .

Im giving the link below , please kindly check and read the comments. Or search dopamine healing sound therapy by sapien Medicine .

If it helps and I have hope it will be let me know if possible

Im a female, 20. Ive been dealing with this since I was 10/11, gross I know because I got sucked in as a kid. Ive gone for months and had many setbacks over these years but what keeps me going is ONE DAY I will never do this again who knows ive been 53 days p free that day couldve been 53 days ago. There IS a way out, yoy have to fight. P is a disease, a terrible addiction and you have to want it bad enough. Unplug your computer and your phone, go take a walk, talk with your family, find a new hobby you can do this :slight_smile: ik this seems helpless but it does work trust me ive been doing this for a while.