Is Nofap really worth it or just a hype

Nofap is just a part of my journey.

I started working out in September (months before I started nofap)

I started eating better and sleeping bettee (fixed my mood swings)

Started nofap (3rd thing I did on my self improvement journey)

Stopped telling people all of my problems ( occasionally shared here on forum) in real life in order to get stronger by facing em alone

And finally in march-apr I read a book. Got clarity on what to do and how to study. ( so actually the book is the reason for my increased performance)

But nofap=self discipline for me. Thats why Il never stop it… Even if I fap(which I wont) wont stop me frpm becoming what I intend to become


Ok answer me. So you wanna increase your academic potential right?

Yes bro. I don’t think I am doing that good right now. I almost removed all the indirect causes which I thought might be affecting me. Girls, Nofap, Lately due to lock down I am not able to workout as much but still it is not having much effect yet on me. I meditate.

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Ok il just spit some no bullshit-foolproof hacks that will help if you stick to them
But firstly answer the following

  • Do you have a goal- Projects to complete, chapters to study etc??
  • How much time can u dedicate for stud
  • What is your social media usage pattern (when you use and how much)

@JonSnow001 Bro can you describe some of the invisible benefits? Don’t tell me that we stop objectifying women. Because regarding women I never had any problem with women and I am very good social person. The only reason I wanted to NoFap that I wanted to peak my performance in my work. I want my brain to be more functional. And I don’t want to procastinate.

Do you see those kind of benefits in you?

Exactly bro. Sharukh is the chain smoker. He has done very well in acting as well as in business.

As long as you are good at what you do. No one will care what bad traits you have. Thats a fact

I have deadlines for my work. I don’t make daily schedule. I can dedicate 10 - 15 hours if I want. But for some reason I am not doing it. I don’t understand why. I don’t have any social media account. I just use forum some time. And I watch youtube sometimes. comedy videos but I am not addicted to any social media.

Also I don’t care about much about negative effect If I be top in whatever I am doing. Does NoFap help anyway in that direction?

You don’t have a plan and that’s why you are wasting time. Simple as that. Why do u think all self improvement videos stress on planning?

Our mind hates to take decisions. It will defer taking decisions as many times as it can. So make it easier for your brain to handle the tough tasks like studying by planning before hand. “Failing to plan is planning to fail”

So chalk what you have to complete… Allot the things. Weekly and monthly… Have daily goals too

Don’t go to sleep without finishing what you decided to complete that day

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Agree with you man. I am failing to plan. That’s the truth. But what if you fail to do everything you planned for the day. Doesn’t it create the negative feedback loop?

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Keep realistic targets. I smartly estimate how much I can finish in a day. For the I do a thorough recon.

Like I scan through chapters and see how much time It will take. I estimate it and allot. For example, if the chapter is big I allot it 2 days (4 hours each day)

Also I choose two subjects to study so that I don’t get bored of studying

Also add break days… So even if u miss a target some day you can do damage control on that day, but I suggest work your ass off to get as much done on that day itself


@anon65589122 , bro NOFAP alone qwill not benefit you . You have to do some productive work with NOFAP.

And then your life will be changed.

If we eat little little poison daily and then after stopped eating poison , then what benefits we will get??

Absolutely nothing.

Your mind is tricking you for relapse. And after Relapse you will definitely feel sad.

NOFAP will improve your life…

So, keep Doing NOFAP and do productive work.


@Hardmode123 Thanks man. But it’s hard to be motivated when you see guys who are fapping are more active and disciplined than you and doing better overall. And you read so much about NoFap then You obviously start to make comparison. But I will hold on to it without expecting anything. I guess my main issue is the expectation here. Because obviously fapping isn’t gonna change anything.

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Thanks for all the answer guys. Overall it was a good discussion.


You are gold , literary gold. Your thinking level is beyond our imagination.

I have read many posts of your , it feels good after reading them.

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i think that since sexuality is directly correlated with our psyche nofap can have a positive impact on your mood and sex life. however as the hype started growing more and more people started to come up with some theories that are not necessarily proven to be true.

like this table here. many of this benefits are true but things like alpha male behavior or better speaking skills are kind of a scam. i mean some people after gaining some confidence can improve speaking skills and stuff like that but it doesn’t mean that nofap can automatically make you a better person.
also people tend to treat nofap as a remedy for any problems. i don’t say that nofap doesn’t help but some problems let’s say depression can’t be cured just by not masturbating. or take someone who wants to go on a date with a girl who is not really atracted to him. if you stop jerking of for 90 days i guarantee that this girl still won’t be attracted to him.
besides that if think nofap is great. high gains and no losses.


What the fuck @anon65589122 I did not expect this from you ? NoFap is not PLACEBO !

Depends on your goals actually. NoFap will give you the energy to do great things. If you are on NoFap alone and don’t do shit with your life, It is a waste of life. You see me relapsing a lot. But I do try to get a little bit work here and there. However, I know this is only 5 % of my true potential. I have done things I thought I could never do. NoFap gives you so much power and energy. However you NEED TO HAVE A PURPOSE - Whether Spirituality or a big life goal.
Otherwise might as well jack off.

NOFAP IS NOT MAGIC. It is a support system if you want to achieve greatness.
IT IS NOT IF YOU WANT TO LIVE AN AVERAGE LIFE. Take time to think fo what you want. If you want just a good job and a decent living a nice girlfriend like every fucking Indian in Germany then go ahead and fap once a week or two. Won’t hurt.

But if you expect something great from yourself, you have to go full BRAHMACHARYA LONG STREAKS !

Me and people like @Tagore who I am learning from are only not quitting because we WANT TO BE GREAT !


Bro @anon65589122 . Our sexual energy is the most potent force within us. Castrate a man, woman, dog or any animal or any insect. It will become worse than dead- it will loose all the energy to do anything.
You can transmutte this sexual energy from matters related to sex to your goals.
In that way your thinking will be in a much higher plane than your friend’s.
Above all, since you say that you are addicted to masturbating it is A MUST that you should leave it. Anyone who is addicted to any kinds of drugs or pmo or whatever can never achieve true greatness or success.


He will get withdrawals and then he will understand…

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my dick doesnt go up ! I have ED because of this. Learn from my mistakes atleast for fuck’s sake. Anyway, see @Tagore this forum is also addicting atleast to me. So I am going now. @Ash_Matt banned me so I can now post once in 8 hours. Otherwise my diary would be filled by now. I wish someone could ban me from internet like that.

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