Is Nofap really worth it or just a hype

It’s not a ban. And it applies to anyone who wishes to post on that topic- they can do so only once every 12 hours. A ban is different.

Don’t look for someone to ban you from the internet. Use self control. Don’t rely on others to change you.


@TheFinalFrontier sorry to disappoint you bro. I will be careful what to say.

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Brother, Consider that Nofap doesn’t gave you all those benefits. Which I have personally experienced after 20 days of nofap in my case. It depends on person to person and Their observations. So, Will watching porn, Benefit us, It’s a simple choice brother :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. Porn makes you way more worse than you can imagine. So, That’s why we try to get away from it and moving to a healthy lifestyle. And that lifestyle is called Nofap. I hope I am making sense to you. If you don’t follow nofap then You will definitely in favor of watching prn. Because there is no midway. Either You watch it and Ruin your brain, life , relationships etc. Or rewire your brain, do hard work, good concentration span, Healthy lifestyle and Social skills master.

You can watch this video how prn affects our mind, just as a reminder.
See Ya…

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You should just experiment and see what effects it has on you.

There is no harm in trying and it’s free.

Observe your energy levels, how you feel while going through the process and there you will find your answer.

To be honest, for me, nofap is one tiny little step on the way of self-improvement.
I personally think that it gives me as much benefits as quitting social media.
Is it important to quit it → Yes
Will I feel better if I do nofap → Definitely yes
Will I be an extraordinary person after quitting → No
Can I be extraordinary while watching porn → Definitely Yes

Nofap is just one tiny step on the way of self-improvement. It is important but not sufficient for having a great life

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It is true for me

However it is also true. The experience is true for some and not for others. We can’t take it as black or white entirely. There is a grey area


I think your currently having a flat line. In this period your brain makes you think are things your doing really worth it? Is it helping me? Or many questions that doubt you. And eventually it’s upto you. You can stay deciplined or relapse. Once this period is out you will slowly notice the changes. So stay strong and don’t give up.

Let’s not forget pornography addiction is a very real thing. Let’s also not forget that with addiction comes a decrease of dopamine receptors and many other neurochemicals and hormones change. With healing pornography addiction you will see there are many benefits. It takes a very long time for your brain to change though. For me I can say 100% it changes me, but it takes time.

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