Is Nofap really worth it or just a hype

I am having these doubts because I am on day 18. I am seeing not much changes in me. I am seeing guys who daily fap are more disciplined in the work than me. And I have been for many months creating 7 days streaks. But I still don’t see much visible change. But Does NoFap really have some magical effect or is it just like placebo effect? And I am not the porn user for long time. I am just addicted to masturbation.


It depends on so many factors. Is it pacebo?? Yes… Does it work? Even thats a yes. Its a scam?? Also yes. Depends on who is talking about it I guess

I link nofap to self discipline. Thats my benchmark. Nofap helps me better my self discipline. So it works for me.

For compulsive nofappers. Jist giving it up for 15 days might do wonders. For others it might not even affect even on crossing 100 days. So guess it depends


Nofap is just an activity. Its like one piece of the puzzle. You can’t solve the whole puzzle(your life problems) just by fixing that once piece.

Its a bad belief that just by not fapping, everything will be alright. Which is not ok


I for one suggest, see nofap as larger than life. It might not benefit you but so won’t fapping. So not fapping will automatically make you feel less shameful while fapping would the opposite. Its basically weak vs strong mindset. Just giving up on nofap as it doesn’t give you benefit is being short sighted. You have much respect, wisdom, self control, self belief when you are day 30 than day 3


I’m not sure to this answer because Since I start these things 10 years ago . I observed that I became more introvert and developed fear to face others. It also make me weird to hide behind a screen and avoiding reality of life

So I can say it depends from Person to person.
For me personally NoFap I found to be a tool of self improvement. I also See myself oneday to be on control on my thoughts and Developed a sense of Discipline and awareness about me

That’s why I always crave to Give some time to NF but fails Everytime which depress me.

That fucking state of Objectification of person or fanatics based on them is really no value to me personally and it made me weird and Shy.

And As I wasted my large productive time to p.rn…
I think NF is life changing experience for me


I am pretty sure that watching p4rn is bad and so is fapping.
However nofap may be a placebo effect or whatever,it doesn’t matter. If that placebo effect is making you a better person,then why not try for it.

I personally know a guy who got into top 100 rank in an National level exam,and he faps almost everyday. He is pathetic to look,it doesn’t look like a smart guy from outside.

He is clear evidence that nofap depletes your essential nutrients.

Talents are gift by nature and habits are gift by us. Don’t expect that magically nofap will give you talents and great habits.

Don’t expect nofap will make you a genius like Einstein,and as successful as Bill Gates.

Do nofap for your own’s benefits and use that sexual energy to build great habit


Yes but I found on this forum people tell the main reason for their lack of discipline or lack of performance academically is due to fapping. Which I thought might be true for me as well because lately I have not been as good in my work as I would like myself to be. But I guess there might be other cause of that I have to look for.

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Absolutely not true. Experiences are personal. I topped my class while still fapping for almost every day. There are levels though. Some people are compulsive fappers.

Thing is we should know what are priorities are. As above post said. People can excel while still fapping, but its upto the person to ensure fapping doesn’t fuck their performance

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If you wanna excel in academics. Do this

  • Choose a goal. That is vision of what you wanna do
  • Plan thoroughly. What, how and when
  • Stick to your plan
  • Time = money
  • Environment also matters. Don’t sleep where you study and vice versa

If you do this, no matter if u fap or not you will excel


In last 4 years I made myself as p.rn addict and my academic performance dipped very low. I failed many important exam due to lack of focus

So for me I always want to be Aware about my actions and NF give a certain sense of awareness.

So from my experience Introvert personality was Vulnerable to p.rn Addiction and It can definitely harmful for them(introvert personality) . For external personalities may be p.rn is very casual and can’t affect much


I had this same problem. But Instead of relying on the NoFap I started talking to strangers started initiating conversations. I even approached random girls in streets to remove my shyness. It worked very well for me. I don’t have to rely on NoFap to not be comfortable with women/Men.


Even if nofap doesn’t help me in any way visbly , it helps me increase and maintain my willpower as masturbation is an addiction , I feel powerful when I don’t fap while powerless to this addiction of mine if I can’t control the desire , nofap solely depends on How you perceive it . I see it as immense control of me , myself and my body .


Yes that’s why it varies from person to person.
Compulsive behaviour is main reason for Addiction.


Yes… That feeling of self control and self awareness of one’s action is priceless.
The reward of Discipline is unmatched


Il be logical man. You have 24 hours in a day. Say you sleep 8 hours.

So 16 hours.

  • In those 16 hours let’s say you watch porn and fap for an hour(ps: which is tooo much)
  • you got 15 hours now. Lets say for brealfast, lunch and dinner you give 3 hours.
  • 12 hours now. Say 4 hours you give for passing time and rest
  • 8 hours which you can put to study

So its hard for me believe that just porn is fuckin your life (im not saying you should do it!!!). Maybe you are doing some other things wrong too

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If you wanna excel

Plan and execute. This is my holy grail. Simple as that
Wonders will happen when you plan before hand

I have never studied in my entire degree as much as I studied in last 2 months. That is because I decided whats my vision and acted on it

You need to have purpose(sounds filmy) but its the truth

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Yeah this makes sense. Agree to excel in something we need to put work. That’s the main thing.

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Thats why i find it hard to digest when people blame unnecessarily. How will we pass if we don’t study. Porn can’t be blamed for that. If you continued to watch porn knowing exam is the other day, fault is yours right? You could’ve just turned off your device

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But do you correlate it with your NoFap or something else? I mean why didn’t you study earlier much but why now? Because most people in this forum will see that since you started NoFap you started studying more.