Is masturbation harmful

Hi there, does anyone have any recommendations on some scientific articles discussing the harmful effects of masturbation? I am sometimes hijacked by the thought that masturbation every now and again is not a bad thing…

No there is hamfulness…fap everyday and after some years you will get your answers … that’s only way to understand the side affects of masturbation …so keep fapping …

I don’t think it is inherently bad. I think it is how you use it. If you feel out of control to stop yourself doing it and you feel bad and guilty afterwards then it is bad for you. That is all that matters.


he means every now and again. not a compulsive behaviour.

@semi i haven’t found any so far.
i guess it is the same as with alcohol. there isn’t really a study witch talks about 1 beer every two weeks


It doesn’t matter. It can still be bad every now and again if when the urge comes it takes over and he regrets it afterwards.

EDIT: Apologies I thought you were responding to me! :sweat_smile:


i’m exactly your opinion :slight_smile:

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The regret is a very subtle thing though. I understand that the guilt is a toxic emotion in itself. I just don’t want to cause harm by ‘not masturbation’ as the body is used to ejaculation…

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Then let it become used to not masturbating! I personally think masturbating once a month can be a good thing for you if you have no guilt or regret afterwards. EDIT: To clarify I do not consider porn to be a part of healthy masturbation.

Because it is not only the toxicity from regret or guilt that I am saying is a reason not to masturbate. It is because those emotions describe your relationship with the act. If you have these emotions around your masturbation then your relationship with it is negative for you and your body. If you have this negative relationship with masturbation and you try to regulate how often you do it you will most likely fail because of it.

We can only truly change or do a thing sustainably when we are working with it, devoid of this guilt and regret. So if you attempt to mastubate let’s say monthly for example for the good of your body’s physical health you will be re-introducing this act with which you have a negative relationship and attempting to regulate it. However without a wholesome relationship with it you will need to assert control in order to keep it the way you want it.

This is destined to fail in my opinion because ‘control’ requires energy. All the time. Once you have a day without energy to ‘control’ it will take over and begin controlling you! This is the paradox of control and why we all struggle so much with this journey.

Once you can love yourself and accept yourself enough to heal this negative relationship and work with masturbation then you do not need control or constant vigilance because you will be working together for the common good: You.

When you have a day with no energy, masturbation will not come to attack you because you were not ‘controlling’ it so it will respect you and leave you be or it may ask you ‘Would you like to masturbate now or do you think it would make you feel worse?’ And you will feel centred and able to make a rational decision for the good of yourself. If you have a bad relationship with it it will disrespect you and attempt to attack you when your defenses are down without your consent and without you noticing.

I hope this can help a bit more towards answering your question!

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Watch the brain on porn in YouTube, is like 76min video

Hi. I came across this link some months ago:… It says “frequent masturbation in young men is linked to higher risk of early prostate cancer, but it lowers prostate cancer risk for men in their 50s.” It’s one of the reasons why I began this journey to break my porn and masturbation addiction.


thanks for the article
really interesting one

Very interesting read thank you!

Just as some food for thought it was summed up here: “It is kind of logical that a moderate level of masturbatory activity has to be maintained,” she says. “Not too much, and not none at all.”

I do believe that masturbating once in a while is not a bad thing for your body. And once you can do it in a healthy, wholesome way without porn I believe it can in fact be a good thing. For me that would be once every month or two if and when I can heal from my addiction. For everyone else it would be different.

I am not attacking anyones lifestyle choices, I am just expressing my thoughts and feelings, whatever you choose to do in life is your right to choose and power to you for it :slight_smile:


Interesting discussion :grinning:
I have been practising Tantra and Taoism for some years now and the way the eastern philosophy looks at masturbation is somewhat different then we in the west do. In Tantra there is a distinction between the male orgasm and ejaculating. Orgasms is something that rejuvenate the body and makes you healthy, keeps you young and strong.
While excessive ejaculating makes you age faster, leads to hair loss and tiredness.
So according to Taoism and Tantra, masturbating is good, actually it’s great for you as long as you are doing it right. And recirculate the energy throughout the body.
It’s the ejaculation that’s bad for you.

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Some points to and from the article.
What the article is mentioning is, that ejaculation can remove toxins from your prostate. On the other hand they say that masturbation could increase your sex drive which could be why it is healthy for older people. sex drive increases some hormones which probably are produced less when older.

So, I guess for removing toxins, having sex (with ej.) should be just as healthy. For the hormones, the none ej. masturbation should be good too. So, i guess you could do what @einar said.

What I think is important, that they don’t include mental problems. I think the advise with “not none at all” is good for mentally healthy people. I personally know that I don’t wanna masturbate until I’m really sure that all the porn effects are away. On the other hand I can’t tell anything against people doing it in another way since I can have sex.


I read that too and am a little on edge. I would think that naturally our bodies would flush out not just semen but also other toxins through wet dreams. Do we really need masturbation?

Beautiful answer :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Well excessive masturbation can be unhealthy & it is extremely dangerous to implement healthy masturbation habits due to there are high chances are you get addicted masturbation again due to dopamine releases in brain & It’s hard to overcome again.

It is harmful due to your nutrients will be wasted which takes 4-7 days recover. It will make you stress resistant. Your muscle mass will drops & body fat increases which is not good for you. It will make look like more older. It will make you lazy. It will make you feel lazy. It can lead ED.

If you say that I increase risk of prostate cancer. I happily accept that cancer instead feeling like loser after ejaculation.

as per my experiences not masturbating is much healthier than masturbation due to your body observe your masculine energy which makes charming and wise at the same time. Your brain will release much more happy chemicals than earlier like serotonin , oxytocin, endorphins, dopamine. It will be much more easier implement healthy habits. I believe that I feel much more pleasures from daily activities compared earlier.

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Thank you for you long and explanatory answer. I appreciate your advice. There is nothing I disagree with. I like your point that it is all about one’s attitude. When we try to control things out of the mindset of what is right and what is wrong we spend a lot of energy on maintaining it. The moment we feel depressed or tired we may easily break down. This is what I have observed about my own relapsed over the last 8 years. Addiction seems to be a coping mechanism. There is some deeper needs that we try to compensate through porn. Learning to love and accept oneself certainly has a way of being free from compulsiveness that so much drive our behaviour… Thanks for taking your time to share your thoughts :wink:


Well @Sensh1nSeeker let me put it this way: It is probably worse for your health to masturbate if you have a poor relationship with it and especially if you are addicted. So you are doing significantly less harm to your system from not feeding the addiction and doing NoFap. You are doing yourself a great service. I think an ultimate goal is to be able to masturbate wholesomely occasionally though, but I would not stress about doing this until you are ready. Don’t worry you are healing your body and mind from abstaining, just keep your mind open that it may not be the end all for everybody who goes on this journey :slight_smile:


I had a major episode of depression for about 3 years where I didn’t masturbate at all. I think no masturbation at that point was keeping me depressed longer.
I came out of it when I did masturbate, but other factors also led to my recovery. I would never wish to live that out twice, it was awful.
I’m searching for that healthy balance, seasons of life with no masturbation and then seasons of life where masturbation is okay (whether or not ejaculation is the goal I haven’t determined yet).
I agree with some comments made before. If you can love yourself with no masturbation, one day it can be possible to love yourself and not feel guilty after masturbating.

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