Is it true ? Opinions?

Does semen retention leads to high testosterone ?

Yup, testosterone levels definitely increases during semen retention.

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I can’t find any research on that. It is definitely benefitial but I don’t think that it will boost your testosterone level. So far I haven’t heard about anyone who meaured their testosterone before and after semem retention and their testosterone level turned out to be higher. If you know any confirmed cases please let me know.

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Fact: when a study was conducted (I forget the reference, you can google it) it was seen that people who resisted masturbating experience 45% higher testosterone levels than those who did a week after they stopped. No noticeable difference was seen before or after the 7 days.

Opinion: Biologically there is no problem in occasionally masturbating. The reason people on nofap abstain from it is:

  1. Spiritual belief
  2. It’s very hard to keep masturbation as it is, it usually leads to urges and then porn
  3. It’s very addictive
  4. You lose self esteem when you fap
  5. Damages the dopamine receptors in your brain if excess dopamine occurs
  6. You keep fantasising and fapping- no thought control. Your mind gets a mind of it’s own.

Personally, I abstain from fapping due to the above reasons. It’s yoir choice.

Nofap is a misnomer. The original nofap community has nothing against fapping, only watching porn.

That’s all, I believe

Flame on


I don’t really know about the study that you are talking about. I tried to google it to get more information. Could you send this exact study?

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You can read this

And this

Both documents talk about the effects of semen retention, masturbation abstinence and other interesting topics, like the one that you mention (testosterone increase).

Okay. This is what i needed. Thank you for your help.


The first article @Damane posted was what I had read. Thanks! @Damane

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Edit: This is of course the same @Ash_Matt wrote above.

If you have closer look at the article, you will find that the higher testosterone levels occur around the days six, seven, and eight of abstinence, with the highest on day seven, and after that "reverted after the 7th-day peak and no regular fluctuation was observed even then the abstinence was continued."

This means, one will be back to normal after eight or nine days when the levels have decreased.

The figure taken from the article illustrates it well:


(Jiang et al. 2002)


semen retention boosts your testosterone for 3 days bruh

Let’s just not call that semen retention because of the term’s mythological connotation. I guess everyone is more agreeable talking about NoFap or NoPMO here. This is also in agreement with the article, which is about absenteeism from masturbation, basically.

So, what the article says is that your testosterone increases after day six and decreases to the normal levels after the day seven peak, nothing more. This means that the timeline starts anew after someone masturbates and then practices absenteeism from the start.

In my humble view, all what people aim here for is not about an increase in testosterone levels, but about achieving a set of mind or agreeing with oneself in the end, otherwise they and I would try different means.


brother when you ejaculate you throw away all the free testosterone which is what you need if you waste it in excess you will lose hair confidence you will have almost the level of testosterone that a transsexual has it is better a little than nothing so it is better low than wasting it and almost not having

When you ejaculate semen and sperm comes out.

If you have low sperm count. You will also have low testosterone. Hope you understand.

Testosterone levels are higher for 3 days @666wariacina

Whenever you masturbate, you lose testosterone. Thus, even though testosterone levels are the same on all other days besides 8-9, I believe that if you don’t fap, your body has higher amounts of reserve testosterone that it can use in muscle building, deepening of voice etc.

Thus, even though level of testosterone in blood doesn’t change, amount available to develop secondary sexual characteristics is more, I think. This is why people experience becoming more muscular, deepening of voice and glowing eyes on noFap. I can attest for these experiences as I am experiencing theses effects myself (I am on day 36 this streak).

I don’t know of any research on this, but if you do semen retention you can see the benefits for yourself.

Remember semen retention is not noFap

Here’s a good write-up of what testosterone does in your body and what it is good for:

I m not tring to prove semen retention to be fake. Of course it has positive effects on your body. But the main question of this post is whether it boost your testosterone or not ( and i think he didn’t mean to boost his level on 3 day period ).
@Ash_Matt I think there is a huge difference between facts and you spiritual believes or your opinion so please don’t call it a fact.
And the answear that @StealthChopperinbond gave is even more stupid. Like if you have low sperm amount testicles will produce and after 10 days you are fully regenerated. Maybe some amount of testosterone is produced in this period but it s not growing forever.
Everyone has their own facts. You don’t need any reliable data.

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Lol…:joy: What stupid ANSWEAR i have gave please tell me.:joy:

“If you have low sperm count. You will also have low testosterone. Hope you understand.” Becouse it isn’t true. Becouse you don’t have anything to prove it. It is just talking bullshit. Maybe try explaining this to me becouse your hope is not enough. Get yourself educated and dont spread misinformation.
By explaining I mean studies or research not your personal experience or believes or anything like that.
That’s why I think your answer is stupid. Hope you understand.

Educated people.
Ok. You win😁. I am not educated. you had an ostrich brain and you are well educated. Son, Science develops and changes everyday.

Well, science says, God is not real. You believe it or not?

I just asked you to give me more information. Can you name them or not?
And can you stop calling me names. I dont think your god likes such behavior.