Is it Ok to desire a girl during nofap?

Hi guys

These days after having crossed over 10+ days streak,I am getting a strong desire to have a female companion. I am feeling bad for myself for getting hooked to jerking off to images of girls,and sometimes to real women without letting them notice. Why :sob: I’m so bad like that ?
I think it’s only because of this creepy habits,I was never successful with girls. I’m not bragging myself but I’m above average looking and quite smart but I had never have any courage to approach any girl during my graduation years. Now I’m feeling so lonely :sob: and this loneliness sucks. I’m thinking to get married but I don’t have enough courage either to say this to my parent. I’m now 25 years old

I think all I need is true female companion which I’m lacking for years.

I had once loved one girl during school days,she left me when she joined her new college. Since then I am heart :heartbeat: broken.

My question is if it’s OK to have a strong desire for having a gf. I’m not looking for sex or one night stand. ( Trust me)
I want a genuine romantic relationship with a girl.

I will start approach girls once I cross 90+ days streak hard mode. First I need to change my view on women, reboot my brain

Please guys support me :pray::pray::pray:

May God bless everyone


Brother, we all are same don’t worry . You are always blaming yourself. I noticed that .
If I say about my story I also want a good girl,we all want but not that too much. You are not focusing on your work so getting this type of thoughts. Everyday make a proper planning and try to clear all the task .khali dimaag sehtan ka ghar he, → ohh ladki kitni sundar he ,wo kar dunga ea kar dunga !!! Chalo so jata hun ab; chalo thoda game khelta hun; relapsed omg , please help me bro I relapsed :confused:
If god gives us 24 hrs we have to decide how we will spend this.
This type of mindset, a single female will never love you . Why she will stay with you??? This line may hurt you :zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::grimacing::grimacing: but I am straight forward. Invest your time and energy in your aim.
Every girl needs successful person who have fame,money,good look, knowledge and self confidence
If someone is crying then no girl wants to love this guy.
So learn to fight alone.

single attitude :sunglasses: . Ignore all girls message. Show that you are a “shakt launda”


Bro search on YouTube “Dr. Nippun Aggarwal Ra ma da sa” and do the guided chanting 10 mins before going to sleep. And after 4-5 days, you will yourself decide whether is it good to desire girls or not.

Plus, this advice was given to me by Gaurav Mall on Stop M app. Gaurav has not masturbated for almost 2 years


There are lots of videos,which one to watch

Dm me… Faced something similar to this and overcame it…

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I didn’t tought I would have said this but I don’t agree with _Tiger. I think you can get one if you’re sure that’s actual love and not sexual attraction. Don’t have sex with her if you aren’t ready to have a son. I wouldn’t count it as a relapse if you have sex with your wife and not for pleasure but to have a son/daughter.
So don’t do it 'till you are married and don’t use protections.
With that out of the way, I think you can get a girlfriend, but remember what I wrote in bold
But remember that if you also like her body she could (Probably will) make your journey harder, so you must be strong at all costs. At the same time she could make it easier if you tell her what’s happening. You could be ashamed, but having someone who supports you irl could really make the difference


Shwetabh Gangwar ki new book padho yaar…
Sab smjh aa jayega…

“The rudest book ever.”


Haha… I bought it but never read it… I will read for sure now


You read it amazing ! I thought I am the only one who know about Shwetabh

:fire: Awesome :muscle:

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Same bro, I also bought that book never read it & I watch his rudest podcast ever with prakhar & vedant.

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Your thinking does not work in real life . By reading your sentences I can surely say you are below 25 or less and still a kid. Sex is a physical need and nothing to deny. But you should not be enslaved of it. One need moderation, discipline to success in married life and professional life or else be a saint

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Uhhhhh yes hahahaha
Well… If you have experience I’ll trust you, sorry XD


You’re right! Completely

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Now I’m confused. Should I change my mind again? XD
I mean, I still don’t really 100% agree with subhamsensit but he’s right, I don’t have experience maybe I should just trust him :joy:

Hes not right
That’s just his point of view and it doesn’t mean you should be okay with what he says
We are not talking about experience here.
Some men think they are grown up but they are still a baby in their minds


Yeah you are right. And this means WE are right, what a win!
No, jokes apart, @Roads_to_purity if you really feel like you are ready to have a girlfriend, and not just a “Girlfriend” but someone who you are actually willing to merry and you are sure it’s not sexual attraction but love, then it’s fine if you do- no, it’s bad if you don’t!
But remember, no sex for pleasure, only to have a son/daughter.


When did I say I want sex ?
I want a female companionship

Sex comes naturally in relationship. I’m not seeking sex. I’m void of love my friend

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By what mean did you infer that I’m less than 25 years old ?
I never said I am seeking for one night stand

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Finally you desire girls, great! Now your body will begin prepping you to take action and become a man. Don’t fool it with jerking off, that tricks your body into thinking you already have a girl and that’s why you haven’t had one for so long.

(Unless you’re like me and you turn them down because you’re not interested in dating atm :sunglasses: )