Is being a lone wolf normal?

Good day everyone,i just wanted to know your opinion and view on someone being a lone wolf,for someone that doesn’t know what is a lone wolf it’s a person that walks alone and can live without any person in his life. So yeah wanted to know what is your view maybe tell me pros and cons and thank you in advance.


So you are like me.I talk to people but none of them are close to me.

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Exactly can you tell me your experience about living as a lone wolf?

No one is alone by choice.
People can adapt to every situation. They are bevy animal.
Some people claim the are ok that they’re on their own. They lie, or are unhappy.


I beg to differ you can be alone by choice in the end it is your life and you live it the way you feel is best.also if you are alone yes sometimes you can feel unhappy but not all the time.

I think you can have moments where you are the lone wolf. It’s healthy to have a social life so I think complete isolation could be harmful.
We all pick and choose who we want in our life. If someone doesn’t help you it’s up to you to decide if keeping them in your life is worth it.

The nofap journey can feel like the lone wolf :wolf: mentality. It’s a challenge to talk about this struggle with people. That’s why this community is here, to support and help people on their nofap journey. It was a good question, lone wolf walk in life.


Very well said @copper_bronze :pray:

@Hubinho might sound harsh, but is most definitely hitting on some real truths @MRMOUSSA18

I’d seriously suggest thinking about what they are both saying and take it to heart.
They are saying it because they actually care about you, as do I.


Indeed you are 100% true. Specially about the no fap journey.thanks for sharing your answer


@MRMOUSSA18 what do you think some of the Pros and cons are?

Some of the cons for me are;
rigidity ie, not having a laugh or allowing others and myself to make mistakes.
Selfishness - focusing too much what I am, what I’m being, doing.


Just a though but before i started my no fap journey I didn’t realise I had frozen my emotions and it took quite a while to feel emotions again and then even longer to learn how to talk about them. Shuting down my emotions was a major factor in my porn addiction. The dopamine hit from porn is a drug suppressing your true feelings.

I wouldn’t say there’s anything wrong with being a lone wolf, everyone has a diffrent character and it may be the life that suits you best but you may find as you go on with your journey you realize you are only more comfortable living as a lone wolf due to porn addiction.
If you find you are relapsing then I would suggest lone wolf life may not be by choice but just the circumstances you are in which persistent porn use has most likely been a factor.

Personally now that I can talk about my feelings with someone I have found it to be such a powerful tool to get through times which woukd have caused me to relapse before.
If that’s not an option for you right now then you could give
meditation a try. To be honestt it’s not something I have had done a lot of but I do hope to get in to it in the future. My girlfriend has started using an app called head space and seems to be enjoying it.

Unfortunately we have all had diffrent pasts and diffrent reasons for being part of this community but I hope my experience can give you somethings to think about.


Well i thank you for being here to support me,some pros for me were not getting effected by what people have said or done
To me in the past also the present.also i have started to rely on myself and obly me to do whats right and to finish the has cons i understand that like maybe feeling unhappy, i do have friends but i dint trust them bcz sometimes they just go than come back why should i trust them to guard my secrets? But the most important thing is iam independent now and i dont need anyone to complete me

My past experiences have effected me a lot my friend.some friends wernt frnds in the beginning just people who needed someone to entertain them while they were bored some wanted a limited time boyfriend so they can make another boy jelous.and some leave when they are finally in a relationship with a tell me is it a wrong decision to be a lone wolf? Bcz seeing what people do to good people i think i have every right to be a lone wolf.

The more a person is full of love & happy the more Social he becomes.

The more a person is sad & depressed; more he becomes lonely.

Love expands & Depression contracts in their nature

Highly sexed nature Man mostly are social.


You are an introvert

All great men in history were isolated in a period of transformation. Sometimes i chose to socialize but there is the danger of succumbing to the will of the herd. I have some close friends that prove themselves to me and I to them. There is trust like a tribe. But to love everybody or to make friends with people who are not your blood and didn’t prove themselves seems strange to me. “Everyone’s friend is everyone’s fool” everyone’s friend is loyal to no one" …


This is what i mean people need to proof themselves so they can enter your life

Looking after yourself is the most important thing. I didn’t share my issues with friends either because I didn’t trust them with that information I would be surprised if there’s actually very many people here that do have bonds with friends that strong. Guess that’s part of the reason we are all here supporting each other!

I had to use a therapist to understand what I was doing and why.

If you have interests or hobbies that you put off because you want to avoid people, Fuck that shit you have every right to be there.


I have the thought of not telling people secrets because maybe someday they will be an enemy and just tell everyone people are like that sometimes.and i have a priority from now on of improving my self (no fap,reading,etc…) than to be social with limited people.

“not getting affected by what people say or do” is a good thing, because people can and will be cruel, or stupid or just f**k up.

My answer is to give people a chance, hope for the best, and be slow to anger, quick to forgive, as it’s only ourselves we can pick up or put down, if the first statement is true.

It’s not naivety, but rather focusing on the good you can bring to the world.

The kindest and wisest people are charitable in secret. Strive to be that guy/girl always.

Excuse me for sounding preachy :pray: but I think this is such a serious topic. I’ve been a loner for a long time, but I actually really love the friends I’ve made as I’ve gotten older, and this app/community has actually made me more open to talk about being here, and laugh about porn and my journey - obviously I trust those friends, and don’t just blert it all out, but it’s refreshing to be honest and truthful, it also makes it easier for others who’d benefit from NoFap, but have never heard of it.

Keep it all simple and lighthearted.
You can be a light to the world and help others! :pray:


This is soo inspirational i thank you and i will start working to make an impact in this world. A positive one that is.