Is being a lone wolf normal?

Dude I want to tell you something
I used to be a big loner, then I met a girl (just a friend)and she made me realize that I was missing so much in life(I had no friends up till that day)after that I made friends and I can tell you, when you do find good faith full friends you will never want to be alone ever again


Yeah… Kinda realizing this as I get to meet more people, but I’m still feeling not included. At least I am talking to people.

But I’m being a natural introvert soo

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Beware of back stabers though, I had some and they really shatter the trust that faith full people still exist

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Nofap gives you enough brain to see through any wicked person.
You will automaticaly keep yourself distant to the backstabbers.
You start seeing the danger before it hits.
All hail Powers of NoFap…

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I would say, if normal is what the average person is doing, then no it is not normal :smile:

three things pop up in my head when I hear that

  • It could be that you really don’t need someone in your life. Even though,I find it strange that someone can say that. I could never ever imagine a life without a wife, and not a single friend. I don’t wanna have a bunch of em but I need something like 3 really close friends. (I’m an introvert and I really like to be one. Don’t wanna change that. But even as an introvert, I need friends)

  • If you don’t have friends because you don’t trust them or you think they are not true friends, they will betray you and all these kinds of things then it is a problem you have to address and change. Believing that all people will betray you is absolutely wrong!

  • If you don’t know why you don’t wanna have a friend, solve that. Do you truly like to be alone all the time? not having anyone to share your problems. Not having someone who can help you when you feel down?


Pros : increased independence, initiative and you can focus more on your own goals and visions. You can even do whatever you like.
Cons : quick judgements, depression, loneliness, anxiety, fear, negative prejudice, negative beliefs, suicidal tendencies, and the feeling of hopelessness.


Let me tell you though with certainty : being a loner is not healthy in any sense of the term. You eat everything that’s associated with loneliness, anxiety, depression, resentfulness, suffering. You miss out on experiences, social support, and many things you don’t even know.

We are social animals. We are not made to be 100% alone. A human life is not made to be lived alone. That doesn’t mean never be alone, but you can and should have social connections and relationships, whatever that means.

Friendship between males and job satisfaction is one of the highest things that men rate as giving them happiness. Do your best.