International competition-Country pride

International 90 days Trophy :trophy:
COUNTRY name days code
SPAIN @kamafeo 2 f00824

I thought to copy an idea from @anon66785751 and open it for everybody who wants to participate.
Those interested copy the last actualization of all names and paste, and add his name. We keep actualized the list. Each one us is responsible of actualizing his own days in this post (the frecuency is up to each one). Choose the country you represent and don’t fail your country. As in olympics games, Champions leage, Wold Cups, you are representing your country, make your country be proud of you.
You chose the mode, but the aim is to reach 90 days. The champions will write their names and its country in golds letters in the hall of fame.
Spanish people are the best in competition, and I’m going to demonstrate it to you. Are you Indians, Chilenos, Germans,… good in competition? Do you accept the challenge?
If anyone fails, don’t worry, work, focus, and next time you’ll make a better mark.
This is a competition for 90 days. After it each one can do what he wants. I don’t mind why, how and what comes from it, just we involve in an 90 days sport challenge, for measuring ourself and make bigger the fame of our country.


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International 90-300 Days:facepunch::facepunch:

:us: USA Radio - 9386dc - Day 215
:india: INDIA - BruceLee - 9ddeb0 - Day 230
:australia: AUSTRALIA - TheJedinator13 - 58cba7 - Day 179
:israel: ISRAEL - bl4z3 - cfd3d8 - Day 133
:india: INDIA - shubpareek - 7ffcfa8 - Day 105

International 90 Days

:philippines: PHILIPPINES - Error404notfupped - 95c698 - Day 82
:brazil: BRAZIL - Aladdin - dfd392 - day 78
:india: INDIA - UltimateRecoverer - 58f57f - Day 77
:de: GERMANY - dman - aec62e - Day 61
:poland: POLAND - JerzyJJ - ba9a59 - Day 49
:indonesia: INDONESIA - Andra - 2acaa7 - Day 48
:india: INDIA - InquisitiveMind - d76f45 - Day 48
:india: INDIA - Priyankon - 1c11ad - Day 43
:india: INDIA- Gabriel.Oak 34f644 - Day 34
:chile: CHILE - aoliva - 6d8391 - day 28
:brazil: Brazil - Liver - fd8c6b-day 30
:india: INDIA - supersaiyan_21 - 23f8b8 - Day 16
:india: INDIA - ravik - 798192 - day 12
:cn: CHINA - scorpionzz - 8bedba - Day 8
:israel: ISRAEL - bettervitsionofmine - 7e0f89 - Day 03
:india: INDIA - Nfwarrior -0827eb- Day 03
:brazil: BRAZIL - VibeIlusion - bed093 - Day 02
:iraq: IRAQ - Babadu - 41fea1 - Day 2
:serbia: SERBIA (RUSSIA) - psycho41 - 49f8d8 - Day 01
:india: INDIA - jain_1051 - 725ce6 - Day 01:
:india: SelfMadeNinja -Day 04


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To support your country click here
For a more solo challenge click here
For a more co-operative challenge click here

:trophy: 90 DAYS HALL OF FAME :trophy:

:brazil: BRAZIL - novoluar - e6755849e9c40215a
:peru: PERU - ruz92 - 798fe5
:india: INDIA - Ravitej - 8666e9
:brazil: BRAZIL - Timetostop - b33cac
:brazil: BRAZIL - Murillovisks - 19ca86
:brazil: BRAZIL - Thiago - ae9d587cbd7dc932f
:indonesia: INDONESIA - hendricovbolang - 7c54a0
:india: INDIA - No_PMO - 246211
:india: INDIA - Kishan - 557053
:ireland: IRELAND - petrassib - b29fee
:india: INDIA - kabbaddi. Kabbaddi - 33a679
:finland: FINLAND - Colder - 5a03c2
:india: INDIA - Navveen - 601c35
:israel: ISRAEL - bl4z3 - cfd3d8
:india: INDIA - BruceLee 9ddeb0
:bulgaria: Bulgaria Fighter_2301


@Taher, can you change the Hall of Fame editable for other users?
I should also be at the end of the list.

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I contacted him about it because I noticed that, feel free to copy paste and add yourself in again.

Yeah that wasn’t the updated list, only one person was missing and that was you.

Petrassib i see that you have relapsed. After how many days though and reason ??

I relapsed after 120+ days I think M free. Then I went PM free and I relapsed once at 21 days since I went PM free :slight_smile:

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I think you should be doing Hard mode this time.

That’s a matter of opinion, I will never intentionally go PMO free, there is no point in my eyes.


7 more days to reach 90



3 more days to reach 90


Wanna join competition


17 more days to reach 90 :grin:


@Navveen congratulation for complete this journey.:sunglasses:
i follow you for more motivation :grin:


Thanks @BruceLee stay motivated!!

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I promised on the first International competition never to come back as I relapsed and I shamed my country.Anyway,that is new competition and that time I am not going to fail.My sharing code is 0716ca and I am from streak is 1 day.

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I relapsed again.But I won’t give up.

So hyped to potentially be the first Aussie in the hall of fame! Hope I can stick at it!