[Instructions] Community Translation

Should I add your name in both languages in the the list above?

@Taher, sure, go ahead!

New source text added

@MRMOUSSA18 Sorry for late reply, you can view the instructions here

@Taher will you add my translation?

Sure, have you created an account on the translation website?

I translated month ago

My apologies, which language?

No problem :wink:
Polish. I’d love to see my translations in this app.

Added Polish translations, it will be available in the next update. (Sooner if you are in using beta version)

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i have finished translating to Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Language) i hope you added it in the next update :wink:

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Updated polish language.

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Translation to Romanian is ready.

Just a heads up, there is an error in English playstore, section 4/28, last sentence. Says " This stop fap app is your our one and only…"

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Fully Translated to Spanish

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@masturbationiswrong Will fix it, thanks! @miguelangel.povedasanchez Thanks!


@Taher I registered and confirmed the mail I received but I can’t login, since I wasn’t able to define a password anywhere. I then did the “reset password” thing, expecting to receive a link where I could set a new password but that didn’t work either, didn’t receive any mail. Could you PM me with further instructions?

I would like to contribute to the German translation.

I’ve fixed the issue, you can now register with a new email and username or tell me the email you used and i’ll delete that so you can register using previous one again.


I tackled a bit of the German translation, will have another session another time.

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Thanks :), it will be included in the next update.

My username is gumajun