[Instructions] Community Translation


All the text of the android app and play store is now open for translation by anyone. You can contribute if you wish to do so.

You need to create a separate account.

If you have any queries or suggestions reply to this post.

Language | Translators | Progress

Language Translators Progress
German @amadeus @dman @babadu @Tito4444
Spanish @martin.beat94 @TheWindWaker
Hungarian @kazmer1998
Indonesian @betterlife99
Polish @Hubinho
Portuguese @sadraw, @Chucks
Turkish Unmaintained
Hindi @strongwillpower
Arabic @Newsoul @babadu
Russian @xeronnn
Bulgarian Unmaintained
Serbian @plwa
Kannada @GoutamHebbar
Romanian @masturbationiswrong
Dutch @Attempt_Two_Electric_Boogaloo
Malayalam @risinglion123

Username is Ama
Thanks for doing this. Hope it will enable even more people to use this app :slight_smile:


Website is moved to translate.rewirecompanion.com


I want to translate this app on bulgarian.But I don’t know how. Could someone explain me what to do. By the way, I can’t do the translation immediately.I have one month to finishing school.Thanks in advance for the help.

First you have to register an account from the link given in the post, then you can pm me with your username and I’ll show you how things work.

I can translate on Serbian language :blush:
username: plwa

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I have made my registration for the translation community . My username is called Fighter_2301.

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@anon22625872 @plwa, added you both and your respective languages.
You can start here

Thank you :smile:

I am ready with the Bulgarian translation and I am waiting for approval. I have made some errors, my translation isn’t 100% correct and it needs some corrections.I will fix them later. BUT I HAVE THE FOLLOWING PROBLEM :In the original English translation there are exclamation marks,question marks or points at the end of the text.So I also put them in my translation .But I get informed that in one of the texts, the original one or the translation, there aren’t that signs or they are not put correctly. But I put all the signs correctly.Could someone help and explain me why this is happening?Thanks for the help in advance.


Thank you for your time and effort!. Your problem is fixed now. It was happening because the words had trailing space after them.

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Can I update the existing translation? And why the quotes aren’t translated?

Yes you can.

It would be quite a big task for the translators so I’ve not included it.

Is the website down or shifted? I’m unable to open it.

You might be opening the https version, you have to manually change it to http

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The link on the top of this topic is not working too.
I was used to go to the translation site through it.

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Should be working again

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@Taher, I signed up to the website but can’t translate. It says that i have insufficient privileges. What do I do?

I’ve added appropriate privileges to your account. Which language do you want to translate to?

I’m fluent in Arabic English and German