Instant help to stop urge

I am feeling high urge to watch porn some one please give me advice to stop urges, i am in my bed now.

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Try going for 100 pushups. If you cant make it, it’s okay. But dont tell yourself that. Just go for 100 resisting as much as you can.
Then do 20 squats. Sleep on your back. And relax with the urge button on this app. Dont try to resist the urge. Just dont focus on it. It will go away on its own.

Thank you bro,i will try not to focus on the urges ,i cant do push up or squat my body is already tired.

I know its tiresome, but if you are having extreme urges. This will help a bit.

@Yitzchak i am frustrated by always thinking how to overcome this addiction and i am also unable to control it for 1 day bro please help me i way completed 1 month streak but after that i masturebate continioussl for 2 to 3 months

Bro, if you’re still going to fap watching porn, then you’re going to be a “cuck” in one sense. Because that woman will fuck someone else in front of your eyes without giving a damn about your existence, and still you’ll fantasize thinking that you’re the one fucking her, and you’ll continue with your cuckoldery and fap. What a shame?! Get up bro. Be real. Its your life, its your body and you’re the master.

The thing is. That when you focus on avoiding fapping. You’re thinking of fapping.
(I.e. - when someone searches on life experiences of NoFap, sometimes in those stories (while positive and trying to help others) they may write something that has certain words which your brain may find “exciting.” Even though you are reading something to help you, it actually may cause some triggers. Same thing goes with avoiding fapping. If you’re constantly thinking of avoiding fapping, then you’re still thinking of fapping, after all “fap” is in No"Fap."
Just relax, if the thoughts come, just ignore them. Dont let it overwork you. Just think of something good like biblical stories or focus on just a black space. Ignore the urges.

Drink lots of water. 2-3 cups a day + one tablett of vitamin D. Don’t eat junk food and avoid it. But if you do, choose water to drink. If you like eating dessert after dinner, chose an apple and a cold cup of water on the side.

And when you have an urge, embrace it. Don’t watch porn because you don’t want to go back to the pervert. You have wasted so much time that it practically cost a lot to have it back and you won’t concentrate with a brain fog. Just don’t don’t go back there.

And when you have flashbacks, embrace them on your mind the way they play on your computer screen without having to spoil back and forth. Because in real life you don’t spoil back and forth when having sex. Also because you will have to admit that you loved those scenes the same way you enjoyed to masturbate to the content to reach orgasm. With all honesty this is not an easy part because with a minor setback you could convince to yourself to return to porn. However remember why you chose to nofap and stay away from porn the best way you can.

@Wise_Guy_97 me aaj relapse kardiya kaise recover karein iss relapse se

Some body help me i cant control myself i have gone to the porn but still now didn’t m******bate ,please help me

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This is a test for yourself brother. We can give you all the helpful tips in the world but you’ve got to really decide what you want.

If you really don’t want to pmo you’ll do ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING possible to stop yourself right now.

My tips

Cold shower


Put your phone away

Go be with people and talk to them

Go outside

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I want PMO and i will do it,i can do it

You mean you want NOPMO? Or you want to PMO?

I think PMO means not to m******bate,what the actuall meaning of it

PMO = P***, Mast*******, Org***

NOPMO = No P***, Mast*******, Org***

But great! You’ve decided what you really want. Now you must choose the path that leads you there. If you are still feeling urges I recommend the tips I’ve posted. Fight this brother! You can do it.

I am thinking i will do push up now, to stop urges.ok thanks bro for helping

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No problem, good luck :+1:

Bro while i am addicted to p*** all shot of things i always wash my hands and legs reaptedly is this is a any desease like OCD

@Sacred reply brother