Immediate help needed

My age is 17 now…my friends are all talking about alcohol and drug consumption…

I feel like attracted towards those talks…

Please tell me some harmful effects of alcohol and drug consumption both physically and mentally…so that i could face those things with a strong mind and ignore it…


And also tell me some tips to stay away from it…as I am entering college!!!


Brother ,
" cheap dopamine" is what can precisely describe how much damage drugs and alcohol and masturbation to porn ( or any other harmful addiction of that sort) does to our psyche. Dopamine , as you probably would know , is our " anticipation happiness hormone" . It is basically the " thrill" in the achievement.

You see , our species started out as hunter gatherers , and one had to work his ass off and play with fire and death just so he could ensure that one will live to see another day. And in order to lead a purposeful life , they had to be ferociously active . Their bodies rewarded them with the hard earned sense of achievement in the form of dopamine. That’s what the rule of survival is all about - " if you want to be happy, prosperous anfld feel satisfied and complete, you gotta work.

But as we advanced , humans found out that we can trick our brains into believing we have achieved something and , by ingesting the body with some chemicals , which will basically give them the false sense of happiness and completion that we always long for . Those chemicals are what those narcotics are . Alcohol works much the same , the only exception is that it heightens the senses and gives a sense of relief. It doesn’t really screw with the endocrine system .

Drugs screw with the endocrine system , and triggers the release of hormones without any outside stimuli. Since our brain craves whatever feels good , and we are fooling it into believing that this will do good to our body. But they don’t.
These are harmful chemicals , containing high amount of phosphorus, and aromatic compounds (which have been proved to be carinogenic).

But it’s also morally incorrect.We may have made these discoveries , but these are just shortcuts to that thrill of achievement and completion. Our bodies are still hard wired much like our ancestors , we still need to work hard to get real satisfaction and happiness.

The choice is ours , we can ruin our body by feeding it with fake happiness and cheap dopamine , or we can go get the real stuff done , so that we can deserve that satisfaction that comes out of it.

Happiness is not cheap , you know.
Hope you have a great life ahead :grin:.


Share your code man i think it need help too


My code is 8h7ogy bro

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In accordance with medicine, your brain hasn’t developed completely. Alcohol and drugs can damage this process.
Make new friends, brother


Okay, I guess you need to hear how my life was…

Engineering 4th year - I started cigs, soon after something I am not willing to share, but worser than cigs. Imagine anything.

Did both heavy for 9 months. By the end, cigarettes were like 25 plus a day, the other one was a lot… No one used to do like me in my college. People used to praise me for that lol. There are friends who stays in my room all the time to smoke. All my friends circle were smokers, and not just cigs, other one too.

And oh yeah, I didnt even go to classes that whole year while I was smoking. I didnt go home because I couldn’t let my parents see me that way.

After 9 months of full fun, I had a side effect, bad one… I wont mention it again… It happened for 3 straight days and I had no idea what the heck it is… Mental one, obviously.

I got thin, I looked sad… I felt pity for myself… I remembered that I wanted to get better and go home, And I quit both cold turkey. Which means 0 from that day.

My body was shaking, heart racing, anxiety, migraines, nightmares, insomnia, nausea, this list goes on and on…

Imagine how long these lasted? Except those body shakes (lasted 3 days) , It was 6 whole months. Didnt talk to anyone, no one really helped because guess what, they are all busy smoking. I didnt ask even. I waited week after week for 6 months that the good days will start next week… One suggestion, in trouble, all we have will be ourselves and family. Friends wont do anything, for youngsters that actually care about friends more than family, just a suggestion.

Fast forward 6 months, everything was okay except the anxiety. Good news was, I was over the addiction by then… But the strength I needed to have then, took all of my energy.

I thought anxiety will go away in the next month and kept thinking that way for the next 4 years. I waited and waited, suffered… It was literally 24x7 to be honest, I couldn’t even tell my parents, alone and tried to socialize though. Again, no classes, no studies. I am still doing engineering. And that was 7 and half year done. Also yeah, none of the friends that did all that with me were with me later on… I guess all they cared was about smoking lol.

Then took leave from college , Psychiatrist, medicines , got a girlfriend, told parents, fast forward 1 year, got better and All is well. No worries except PMO. Also yeah, attended classes and graduated in my 8th and half year. ( I told this in short and in brief so that my message wont be long, also its not important for the point I am trying to make)

Fast forward 6 months, quit PMO (106days ago), quit talking with girls, broke up with that girlfriend too as I felt that the relationship was toxic, and now, all is fine again…

If I didnt do that, I would have graduated in my 4th year, would have got job 1 year later, i wouldn’t be having anxiety, wouldn’t have done so much PMO, wouldn’t have made my head the way it was, wouldn’t have had any suffering, wouldn’t even had any bad memories, and also by now my salary would have been a lot, or atleast I would have focused on civil services exams in India, I used to be very studious. My job would have been in high Cadre… Also I used to be a funny guy, super fun to hangout with, I make jokes and such. Now I am just a guy that went through a lot. That innocence that used to be there, gone. I miss my old self, honestly. But yeah, its life, we grow up…

But instead, I am 28 now, have to settle for a lower cadre job, because there was no time to study for Higher cadre, parents want me to settle immediately. thinking bank probationary officer or group 2, instead of group 1, not that bad but as I was an IIT student ( if someone that is not from India is reading this, one of the top engineering colleges in India, definitely not boasting lol, making a point to make you understand of how I could have been but how I am now, also yeah not at all guilty, and no regrets, i am happy with myself and proud of what I have been through and achieved) , people are definitely going to mock lol, but still I dont care.

So overall 5 years of suffering, time waste doing nothing but focusing on suffering. Do you really need all that just to have some fun with friends? There are all called bad habits for a reason, for everything you do, there are always consequences. Trust me, it’s better to stop any kind of addiction, than dealing with the consequences. It takes everything from you.

Anyone thinking how I am now, I am superb, no addictions, not even interested. This PMO creates some issues as this is the last I am trying to get over but as I quit those which are way worse, definitely I am going to be successful here.


It is not good for your health at the present moment because your brain is filled with dopamine and if you are drunk you will do something really, REALLY bad. You know. You should leave all this.


You are already my companion

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If you are a weak person, drugs may end your current life.

It can damage your brain cells needed for critical thinking & decisions.

Bottom Line 》
If you love yourself, you will never harm your body


One of the most inspiring stories I have ever read

And by the way, thank you for your response …

Lets be in touch brother…


Yes this hits hard because i never liked the way i look
I hate my face Im 16 but look like a grown man i hate to go out and mix with people bcz(they are elder than me but call me brother with respect i don’t like it)
So i always prefer to run away from the reality i didn’t have any friends because the way im i look i don’t want to make friendship with someone who are like me

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@JonSnow001 I read your post…:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: My heart says I love you so much bro…you are an inspiration for me now… Bro what’s your code??


Thanks bro…
Code : 3fndz9


Wow bro really inspiring


At some points, i can relate to myself :slightly_smiling_face:
I am also 28 and getting bored of everything. Assuming of this pmo Hopefully we all will free from this addiction.Wish you all d Best :slight_smile:

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Wow… I really involved in activities such as
advising such people those who are addicted to alcohol and weeds, this will be very helpful, thank you.

And i really wondered about the change happen in u.
So always be grateful to your lord, our creator, who gave you ur life back.

At last, I want to tell that, you must win, the life hereafter, so you only worship, him, the god, the only one, the creator, who created us, the worlds and all…
Don’t make partners to god❤️


First of all bro, if the acts of your friends are tempting you to try out such harmful acts, then know that such people are NOT your “friends” at all. You yourself know very well that consumption of alcohol, drugs and other narcotics and hallucinating items is harmful and thats why you’ve created this thread bro.
Don’t fall in this trap. Such addictions can destroy your life completely. Now, I will give you simple scenarios of how this can affect you. Suppose you try alcohol once. It won’t harm you much and you’ll feel it can’t affect you much. So, you try it again. Alcohol has hallucinating chemicals which will trigger dopamine and serotonin inside your brain, giving you a feeling of pleasure. So, you’ll begin to use it more frequently. With regular use, harmful effects of alcohol will come into play. Even if I ignore medical effects that its gonna have on you, it’ll greatly interfere with your life in other ways too. Alcohol comes with a price, and since you need your dopamine dosage, you’ll begin to lie to your family, stealing money and may even indulge in anti social activities. Hallucination will engulf a major amount of your time and you’ll not be able to focus on studies or developing human relations. You’ll have weak will power and will have hard time overcoming any bad habit ,or in getting used to any good habit. It’ll slow down your metabolism and you’ll become a fat guy whom noone would like. And then when you’ll try to quit it, you’ll suffer from withdrawal symptoms and in extreme case may even suffer from worst form of liver diseases which will stay there for the rest of your life. If you live in a tropical/ subtropical warm country like India, envieonment will not help you either and you’ll suffere from other gastric problems too. Not to say, addiction of drugs is even more dangerous.
Addiction of anything can destroy your life bro. PMO is similar, but atleast in this case, environment supports you, you don’t suffer from the guilt of spending so much money on porn, there are little to no withdrawal symptoms, your will power is not deteriorated that much and you are still able to rewire your brain. But remember that in cases of addiction to drugs and alcohol, there’ll be worse things which can happen to you and even when you’ll try to quit it, you may not be able to go back to your previous self ever again.
And bro, make good friends or don’t get peoplle so close to you atleast that they begin to affect your life.


Definitely I will advice bro… Oh yes I know, I think god has punished me and also gave me the strength to come out of it… I also know that he is in my corner now and he has a plan for me😊.

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Thank you guys @Dr_S_777 @assh

Yes we will break free of PMO…