I'm New to the Community and I want a New Beginning!

I want to end my addiction to Pornography and Masterbation forever. Ever since I was 8 years old I’ve been watching porn and masterbating. My older brother and my cousin introduced it to me. To be exact it was 2005, which was the summer before I started 3rd grade.

When I was in middle school, 2008-2011, I started watching porn on HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and Stars during the late night hours.
Also during that time, I discovered Hardcore Lesbian porn on Verizon Fios, which took my addiction to another level. I used to order a bunch of Lesbian porn and my mother would get a high cable bill for that month. She knew I was watching porn, but sadly she never corrected me on the matter. I never had the “TALK” with my parents.

Fast Forward…

Summer of 2011 before the start of my Freshman year, I got hooked on to Shemale Porn or Chicks with dicks or whatever you want to call it. But anyway this took me to a whole nother level of addiction. I’ve fantasize and I even thought about looking online to find shemales to have sex with, but I’ve never went that far. The thought of having sex with a stranger kept me away.

Long story short, Pornography has done some damage to me in my childhood. I wish my up bringing was different but it is what it is. I’m 43 days clean and I want to be clean for the rest of my life. Plus I look forward to getting married in the near future and I don’t want to bring this addiction into my marriage in the future. I want to become the best version of myself.



Don’t worry. Focus on habbits that you’ll build using nofap. After you create good habbits you won’t need nofap anymore. BUT, do not give up. Always fight the urges.


It takes a lot of courage to display that level of honesty and commitment to change, respect to you! I won’t go into it but p addiction has led me to watch more and more ‘extreme’ things too. Just gotta keep at it and clear my brain and rewire completely. Good luck in your journey!


It’s going to work out. Start running up a good streak. Even if you relapse, just don’t fall all the way back down into the gully of the hard-core smut and keep those images of the extreme out of your head. This could be a long journey of struggle just like mine,bro, just remember that your streak, even if small, does not represent failure, but success. It puts distance between yourself and the bottomless pit.

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How you doing @Nick9 ? It’s been a long time you didn’t post in the forum .

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