I want to give up

Is there a chance anyone can help me not to relapse? Maybe tell something that shoots exactly to the point and I start to understand that there is a hope in living next? Please contact if you are free.


You’re free to give up, brother! :slight_smile:

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I don’t want to regret after

How do you know you’ll regret after?

I always regret after relapsing

So why would you like to give up?

Because my brain miss some fucking chemicals

What could you do to handle it?

Somehow handle, till my brain give up. But I don’t know how.

I’ve been on this adventure since before 2019 but I joined this app since November of last year in a hope to change definitively.
I discovered nofap through a lot of videos and websites, initially beginning on the French website “stopfap” to try and stop my addiction.
I’ve tried a lot of techniques in order to prevent masturbating, from quitting screens to shutting down my pc but none worked because what I lacked was motivation and ABOVE ALL determination and strength of mind.
Without joking, the most important part of the process is strengthening your mind and body in order to fight the primal urge to fap.
I strongly believes that the search of God and salvation is the best way to avoid relapse, but you need more strength to control the urges like working out or training your mind through meditation etc.
Don’t relapse, and if you do, never lose hope or dedication, I only see the path ahead, which is the path to salvation and of the redeemer; you always need to strengthen and enhance yourself in order to become a better man, I know you can do it, don’t fap.


In your opinion, what could you do to decrease this tension?

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Hurt myself. Pain releases dopamine

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It’s an idea…

How coud you hurt yourself in a healthy way for your body?

Don’t have an idea for now

Here some suggestions: workout, cold shower, seiza (try it!), running, shadow boxing, …

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Another suggestion is to invite woman to home and not be able to have sex with her. Carry on your masturbation…

Giving up is not an option here, it’s your choice. I’m sure you does not installed this app for giving up, right?

So the thing which helps me a lot in this situation is taking a deep breath and hold it for as much you can. And while holding, think about your goals, why you are here? or anything +ve. Repeat this 4-5 times.

Your tool will automatically break down :wink: and everything becomes normal. But always keep in your mind, NEVER touch your tool, never.

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Hope you did not give up bro
If you’e still struggling, know that we have all been there and the way to counter this is action. Do something, anything that makes you feel better.

Figure it out. If you know right now that you will regret it, why would you?

Also, WE control the chemicals in our brain, not the other way around.

For example, it is when we sit up straight and act like a winner that serotonin (the winner chemical) is released in our brain. NOT the other way around.

Our actions decide the chemicals released in our brains. Not the other way around.

You have a choice. What do you choose to do?

PS : Also its no nut november.

Brother I see its a seroius case to you.
But bro take it lightly do not take nofap too seriously either do not give any form of tension to you brain.
Simply try to improve from the last highest streak if your last highest streak is 7 days then target for 15 and gradually you will have victory over this, this habit was with you for a long time. So it will stay also and it’s ok just remember, you have to be better than yesterday. And don’t even think about that you are on nofap or about anything just I make your brain forget about anything related to that which lead to PMO. If you think of nofap too often then chances of relapse as I think increase, you will think that you are on nofap means you should not watch porn but your mind have a generous curiosity for doing the things that you do not want to do. So, a/c to me chances increase. So let it be the way it is going leave it .
The reason why you feel like giving up is you are not engazing yourself in something productive.

NOfap isn’t about only not relapsing, its the energy which your body gets so that I could be used for something productive, use that energy do workout, study or something which requires energy.

Stay strong, stay focused be productive.
Greatness is coming for us

I’m ok. I didn’t relapse. But hell it was hard. Maybe everybody knows how hard was that.
I have an exam in one hour. And I don’t even know what is that exam about.
Maybe I shouldn’t be this loser before and study just a little.