I Took a Big Shit (Part 2)

It was giant one it was the size of Mt Everest, I was screaming in pain while doing it on the Summit of Mt Everest, my screams were so loud that even people from China could hear me screaming, it eventually came out, my ass was so sore afterwards that the doctor’s had to get 10 surgeries on my asshole, now I can’t take a shit for a whole decade because my ass is so sore.


Here’s Part 1:

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(20 fucking gay characters)


I said I stopped being cringe, but I decided to make a sequel to my first cringe post, felt like there was unfinished business there, but now Ive posted this, this will be the last bit of cringe you’ll see from me, except for memes in the memes channel.

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Yeah only unfinished business was that you can’t finish your business for a decade now.

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