I needa companion

Hi I need companion :slight_smile:
Today it is my 2 day :slight_smile:

code: tomciort



Welcome to the forums man!

I don’t usually do the companion thing because I’m more into the Challenges on here, but I thought I’d let you know of some challenges that you can join around here because I have found them very helpful myself.

I’d highly recommend “The Hero’s 90 Challenge” run by Forerunner. The Hero's 90 Day Challenge! 👑

I’m currently partaking in the “Check-in Daily Diary Challenge”. "Check-in" Daily - diary challenge

There’s some really good micro-community’s to partake in here, but you also might find it helpful to start journaling.

Anyway, my sharing code is a06153 if you want to add me.

Stay strong :muscle:


Thx bro ! :smiley:
I will start new campanion :slight_smile:

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