I have a question, Why sex is not considered as a relapse? please answer

The same biological changes and loss of precious semen happen both in sex and masturbation.

Why is it so that if a man simply replaces his hand by a [email protected] to ejaculate is not release?

The 1st difference between masturbation and sex is that, in masturbation a man moves his hand to and fro around his dick and in sex he moves his crotch area to and fro.

The 2nd difference is the place you ejaculate in, in masturbation a man ejaculates in bathroom but in sex he ejaculates in condom.

But he lost his precious semen in both cases, it’s just that he used a different technique to ejaculate. His body has to go through the exact same stages of suffering after masturbation and sex.

If a man can buy a sexbot and cums in it daily then it’s the same as masturbation and sex. He is just simply not using his hand to cum.

Please answer.


Bro this is my answer! Not everyone wants to be fucking celibate! Everyone has different reasons why they are doing nofap! I’m doing it coz I found out how porn affects my brain and what it does to you. How it desensitizes your brain and how it can affect your sex life! So my main reason for doing nofap is to get physically healthier and have a healthier sex life. Similarly others have different goals. Many here are married. They can’t abstain from sex. Maybe they are just trying to get over PIED. The reasons vary.

It is considered as a relapse if you are doing monk mode. But not everyone is doing that!


Yes you’re right not everyone is doing monk-mode. But my whole point is that the body suffers the same loss after both sex and masturbation.


Sex is worth it! Masturbation is not!


How bro? Can you explain?

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Love must take men to sex. Not sex take him love. If you love truly and had sex you are going to be happy and satisfied.


It’s all good bro. But why sex is not considered as relapse?

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Sex have touch, smell,real women in bed etc., What masturbation have ? Only those screens. How you feel after masturbation? A big regret


It’s completely depends on choice bro. It’s also a relapse if you are on hardmode.

You got a very good point brother. But brother, it’s true that your body will suffer the loss of semen in both cases. You may feel good after sex but the loss that your body has to go through is same as in masturbation. It takes 80 drops of blood to produce 1 drop of semen in body. This is how precious semen is. You cum in condom or in bathroom, your body will suffer the loss of same amount of blood


See brother, you are valuing it all wrong. Sex is more about the experience. From my personal experience, sex feels much better, like 100 times better than masturbation! Think about it like this, when you are having sex with your partner, you are both there physically, expressing the love for each other. That’s why it’s called making love. Plus you have a lot more options for fun while having real sex! I don’t wanna get into the details, but you have seen it, you know what I’m talking about. It’s the real deal man! Plus if you are married and want babies then sex is essential.

Masturbation is you watching fake stuff by yourself and jacking off in a dark corner… … And regrets after doing it coz you are alone and have no one to love…

See where im coming from. The experience of driving a Rolls Royce is different from that of a Maruti Suzuki 800. Similarly, the experience you get from both have a difference. A big difference!

What you are doing is measuring gain and loss by the amount of semen that’s there in the body, which is the wrong way to think about it. I’ll give you another analogy. Think of saving your semen like saving money. The more you keep saving, the more money you’ll have. But you cannot survive on money alone, you need to invest it in food and water and other necessities. But that’s merely surviving. But if you don’t invest the money in a house, a proper car, to go travel all around the world and experience all the wonderful things the world has to offer, then the money you saved is being wasted! Similarly, you keep saving up semen, and you use the excess testosterone to build muscle and growth and other skills, but if you don’t use it for what is was meant for, then it’s being wasted. I hope that makes things clear


Got it bro, many people don’t do monk-mode or hard mode. So it depends on the person. But basically he is simply using a different technique to ejaculate.


I will get back to you in a minute bro.

For someone like me normal life is enough. Even though you feel it’s a loss , that’s how I like to live the life. But for some people they wish to achieve great things in life so if you have such idea remain celibate forever. That’s what recommended. Surely it’s a loss, maybe you can have sex without ejaculating also.

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Very clear explanation bro :yellow_heart:


@GOVIND-19 sorry I took longer to comeback. Relatives visited us so I took longer time to come back.

Talking about experience bro, you cannot experience anything outside of your body, whatever you see is nothing but the light that’s hitting on your lens which is further processed by your brain and then you can “see” anything. The same goes for hearing, touching, smelling, tasting. All of these are nothing but the electrical signals which your brain processes which you think is “real”. What we call as reality is nothing but our ability to perceive the world through our senses which sends electric signals to our brain.

So, whatever you experience in sex is not an experience of something outside of your body, you are experiencing within your body, even if you touch your partner during sex, you can only sense the sensation of your own skin which is touching her skin, you can never truly experience anything outside of your body, same goes for her smell, her voice, her vagina or whatever. So be it watching porn or watching a real woman during sex, you will experience it within your body, so there is nothing in this material world which is “real”.

You can literally duplicate the experience of sex by buying sexbots, which can talk, scream, has a human like skin, etc. But that’s not “Real” either.

If you’re alone and you feel lonely, then you are in a bad company bro.

Both Rolls Royce and Maruti Suzuki 800 do the same job, to help you take from one place to another. The whole essence and purpose of those vehicles is to carry you from one place to another place. Sure, you will have a better ride in Rolls Royce but you goal is to move from one place to another place.
By this analogy, masturbation and sex will lead to ejaculation. Your D gets hard in both masturbation and sex, the whole purpose of your D getting hard is to ejaculate, and whatever rubs the dick, it will cum, it doesn’t matter if it’s your hand or someone’s vagina, similarly, it doesn’t matter if you ride rolls Royce or maruti Suzuki 800, it will do the same job of taking you from one place to another.

Bro semen is meant to save and it’s meant to use ONLY for reproduction purposes. What semen has? Sperms. Whose only job is to fuse with eggs present in female body, sperms are not produced in our body to waste it in bathroom or in condom.

So that’s the only thing for which we are supposed to invest our semen in, not for simply mere enjoyment of sense pleasures.



Absolutely true brother. To achieve great things in life, one has to stay away from sex and masturbation.


It has been scientifically proved human touch makes us realise many feel good chemicals inside our body which is excellently good for human health it has the power to cure diseases and lift up someone’s moral and God knows what other good factors it involves so no robot or sex toy is similar

God created us and kept sex a part within us

Sex in a intimate close relationship and masterbation are polls apart
We cannot just take into consideration semen ejaculation , we even loose seman in nightfall also

Yes abstaining from sex and keeping seman inside has its benifits but intimacy with a pure soul’ also has its own benifits

One cannot compare humans to machines and cars created by humans we are complex biological being created by God we don’t know understand human being completely we have just seen the tip of the ice berg and human knowledge and attempt to completely understand this phenomenon is impossible

So due to the connection which two people feel when in a pure relationship and the fact they share a private intimate relation (sex) with one more human gives a positive support

But humans have lost touch with godly ways and broken all moral rules you talk of it your self you call it kalyug
Multiple sex partner ,sex for fun, masterbation excess importance on phisical beauty ,All this is wrong abstaining from these things is necessary but completely abstaining from sex not so necessary but it should not be for fun


Yes god has also given free will to all human so definitely if one feels abstaining from sex will bring him good one should go


Bro, I’m not anti-sex just to be clear. All I am saying is it’s matter of very obvious and common sense to put our sperms where it actually supposed to go which is the uterus of females body, there the sperms swim towards fallopian tube and fuse with egg. This is why sperms has tail, tail helps sperms to reach egg. The right place to put our sperms in is female uterus that too if our sperms get used in reproduction otherwise it’s meaningless to waste our sperms in anything else.

Sure, in night fall also, we ejaculate, I hate night falls, that’s why I’m doing my best to cure night fall problem.

Sex is supposed to be one of the part in love between a couple, but nowadays, sex has become the only purpose of loving someone. If you take out sex from the picture of relationship, more than 95% of people got nothing to offer. Love between two people involves a lot of things other than sex, sex is only one part of their love. By sex, the couple can reproduce which makes their bond stronger, but sex is not meant to do by wearing condom and banging your partner on regular basis. We should be considering other aspects of our partner too, if we only use our partner to have sex, then we are not making love we are using our partner for our selfish desire.