I can only last a day or 2 max before relasping

I have been addicted since the start of the pandemic. Now that I’m vaccinated, I find it completely impossible to last a day. The most I go is 36 hours before relapsing.

Please help me.


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Try and get help as much as possible from this forum, YouTube Google your issues and the best read about it there are some amazing books that might help and the most important thing don’t loose hope and give up keep trying that is the first step

I have tried what you mentioned and nothing works. I’m trapped in this cycle of 24 or 36 hours and relapsing at these points every other morning between 6am and 11am.


Keep trying your probably stuck in chaser effect it will pass just know it’s temporary and a phase ur future is always bigger than your past

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I am also same brother, trying harder…to stop
& I am also stuck at day 2
I keep on relapsing every day 2.
But my problem is I use to relapse in the night.

Why don’t we find the way out together.
Together we can quit this very quickly then we do it alone.

You can share with me anything… If you wanna need one’s ear to listen and give advice.

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what is bad about your addiction?

@Vortexkicker brother I was the same, make the fullest use of this forum, you’ll definitely see changes, reason?
The main reason for many to relapse and get into PMO is loss of connection with human beings, that has become usual today(due to covid) that is where this community comes into play, you’ll feel like being surrounded by positive aura…
My Sharing code: y2xuv4
I just relapsed and feeling awful, c’mon let’s get through this together

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What is bad is that I can’t stop, I just relapsed just now.


What you do after you relapse

*On the day of relapse?
*The next day?
*The day after that?

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The day of relapse, I feel shame for most of the day. The next dat, I live life like everything is fine. The day after that the urge returns and takes over.


Then try reminding yourself what would happen if you relapse and distract yourself to some other activities

Live like everything is fine does that involve use of viewing any type of media ,Television or like watching online content on various platforms which might be triggering eg insta model pages or adult web content like series with adult scenes or going through facebook pages that might be triggering like going through your crush photos etc ?

I rarely watch TV. Whatever my parents watch. Yes, I live with them. Occasionally I will look at something I shouldn’t.

Just sitting around home doing whatever my parents want. No social media, no social life, no hobbies, no exercise, no anything. Just a boring do whatever they want until I leave for work. Come home, take care of my Dad for night stuff and then go to bed with my phone nearby on the night stand.

  • Occasionally watch what you shouldn’t

Try and avoid that as much as possible
Triggering content can occasionally pop up unknowingly that can’t be dealt with but don’t open triggering content purposely

  • Sit around doing not so much

Change this bordom is a big triggering act u can ask many ppl here doing nothing can put your mind to think about masterbating as it gives you a dopemine rush which makes you feel good ( temporarily) so it’s not surprising subconsciously our mind might think of the masterbating and orgasam as the only intersting fun thing cause rest of the time we are doing nothing to get dopemine
There are many ways to kill boredom personally I like to read kills time and you learn something or read a intersting story

You know what you like if not reading ,meet frnds, try exercise go for a run if your not that social anything that makes your mind achieve its dopemine that day

Don’t go for artificial dopemine like alcohol or drugs try to keep a healthy diet drink plenty of water

Most important is to forgive yourself after you relapse the fact your conciously trying to quit is a big deal many ppl around the world are living with this habit thinking it’s normal to masterbate and watch porn their other aspects of life are completely messed up and they thinks life is like this only depressing and they have no idea that things can be better if they quit, so forgive yourself it’s an addiction and in any addiction there are major possibility of relapse believe me I was a durg abusers throughout my teen age but I don’t do them anymore

Acknowledge you have a problem and this will take time to quit completely maybe few months or even some years so buckle up this is going to take time with many falls but the whole point is you have to keep getting up again I know that it is tuff I have been up to quitting for a year now and relapsed many times I get upset just like you but I have decided to keep going no matter what relapse feels worst but in a weeks time you feel ok and you can start but this time with knowledge of why you relapsed

study as much as possible on this addiction and how people got out of this you’ll find much of the information online on YouTube ,Google but personally I’ll suggest books on this , knowing how ppl got out will help you learn from their mistakes you don’t have to do every mistake on your own to learn

why don’t you try reading the book Breaking the Cycle by George Collins or if you like to watch information videos go for Porn Reboot YouTube channel by JK Emezi he has a paid service as well but his free YouTube vids are also amazing

Again know that this will take time maybe even a year or two depends on your dedication if you keep giving up after every relapse it will just keep on prolonging


Oh you work, damn you are so older than me, anyways you said you live with your parents, so you could make time to spend with them actually that does work against urges and relapses, the same reason I said for using this forum you’ll feel PMO is unnecessary [you could ask me then why I’m not in a huge streak, :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: my parents work and I’m a high schooler I’ve gotta a damn large lonely time, that’s my challenge to overcome]

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Except that Monday, Wednesdays and Friday mornings, I am completely alone because my Dad has dialysis and my Mom goes with him because she needs to drive him home after his treatment. During those times. I’m completely alone and I relapse during those times most.

what is it about porn that keeps bringing you back and making you lose control?

I dont know. I just get hard and from that lose control and desire it.

why is that a bad thing to you?