I am going to leave this forum

I am Risinglion123, a random user in this forum. I am going to leave this forum once and for all. My primary objective of this discussion not to get sympathy but to inform the organizers of the challenge that I have participated in order to remove me from it.

@PowerfulNFPWarrior ( The Championship of warriors (Battle of 6 vs 6) [12/12 participants] ENTRIES CLOSED )
@SincereDev ( 2021 Discipline (No peeking) Challenge{For Long Term})
@Prox ( Rewiring Phone Addiction📵 Major step against PMO addiction.trophy (JULY ENTRIES CLOSED) (AUGUST ENTRIES OPEN))
@prothekter_aden ( Shadow Fight 2 Challenge [Entries closed])
@Keats ( tophat League of Gentlemen)

Just to inform the above mentioned people to remove me from this challenge. I have downloaded Easy Peasy book because of @tecs and @rewire_user. I would like to thank them both.

@Forerunner I am really inspired by your willingness to fight even after losing 3 times after reaching 200 days. Wishing your YouTube channel to be a successful one.

@HealingSpade and @_TIGER , Currently you are the source of motivation for beginners like me. Keep moving.

I will keep on fighting until I am out of this shit.

#No Fap Forever


It’s great brother that you downloaded easy peasy book, i also did the same yesterday . But what’s the reason that you are going to leave the forum. Do you have any problem @risinglion123 brother, why are you leaving?


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I am terribly sorry for the wrong decision that I have taken yesterday. I was emotionally drained due to personal reasons in such a way that I felt there is no more hope left. The RC app is such a blessing that I was able to improve myself a lot.

When my emotions become stable, I was in deep regret for making such a wrong decision. I am sorry especially the organisers of various challenges @PowerfulNFPWarrior , @prothekter_aden , @Keats , @Prox and @SincereDev. To the above organisers, May I continue the challenge?

Thank you @PowerfulNFPWarrior for the concern.

I promise that I won’t make such a terrible mistake again. I am sorry @PapiPlayboy the moderator for the inconvenience.

I will fight again but with stronger version of myself. I am terribly sorry once again

#No fap forever


Of cource bro!!!
I was gonna dm you yesterday itself but then thought that u may be in some problem and would realise it yourself and so u did!


Thank you so much brother. I won’t make such a mistake again…


I have not eliminated your name … Because I know you will come back

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