I am doing nothing

How can i get back to the top & better ?

After losing my job & girl. I am sitting at home. Playing video games. Watching movies. Porn. Fap. Drinking. Smoking. All types of unproductive things.

I have lost all motivation. I am lazy & addict. I want to get better. Make me a champion. I am a very into life kind of a guy. During this pandemic. I suffered from depression for the first time in my life.

Give me a list of things which i should do daily.


I would suggest to read Bhagavad Geeta… It can change anybody’s life… only the wise can understand it


I think only thing you need to do is that,stop hurting yourself which is giving you pain :slight_smile:
I beleive there is no list of things ever make the things correct but self awareness and commitment. Sorry all are my own believes. Guru is inside you who can enlighten your path :slight_smile:

Meditation, workout, reading learning something new discovering a new hobby migh help keep your self busy with productive things. I hope this helps.

I am definately not a wise man. :blush: Suggest me some easy book for bhagwat geeta to understand it.

Your pic is very good.

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Thanks @Advet10 i will apply them all.

What are your hobbies and passions ?
You should do that.

Learn a musical instrument, read books, learn a new language, do gardning at home, etc

In short, keep yourself busy.


Then you should watch commentaries on Bhagavad Geeta which are available on YouTube… If you’re a Indian… I would suggest to watch HG amogh Lila prabhu…or videos of any other wise monk like sadhguru… but you may gain the real knowledge from Bhagavad Geeta only… Try to read Bhagavad Geeta as it is… It’s well explained. … . It’s pdf is available online


You are right @Chosen_One
Thanks @snehilsiddhartha
I will read bhagwat geeta.

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Step 1 bro, go do this right now :


I’m not kidding. Just do this right now, that is the right point to start. Then we can talk.


You are Right @neetwarrior
Thanks for your valuable advice.

What the hell are you still doing here? :joy::joy::joy:
I’m not joking bruh, take out a couple hours, stop whatever it is you are doing, and clean the hell out of your room and your house. Don’t wait for anything. Just do it right now.

You wanna be a champion? This is where we start. Each of us. Clean your room, arrange your house and report back. I’ll explain why I told you to do this at that point. Just mention me after you have done this.


Ok. I am just doing it. Soon. I will report here.
Give me your code. Add me. Teach me all.

First create a long term goal. Then break it down into smaller goals. Like if you want to finish an online course then you should finish at least 1 hour video everyday. Similarly if you plan to take a job you should apply to at least one company everyday. Change your resume little bit everyday. Watch some motivational video everyday.

Short term goal can be as small as possible but important thing is you do it daily. It will increase your motivation daily.

Do some kind of physical excercise, some kind of meditation. But most important thing is having a purpose in life. A purpose gives the life a meaning, a sense of direction.

Watch Jordan Peterson videos on YouTube he has lot of helpful advice.

I return to this quote again and again in my life. It’s by Martin Luther king.

“If you can’t fly then run,
if you can’t run then walk,
if you can’t walk then crawl,
but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”


Make your room. Start from there.

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Pure Gold. Nice. Awesome.


Just made my room. Thrown the empty bottles in garbage. Wiped the desk biting dust. Removed ash tray.
Changed the bed sheet. Arranged my clothes. Broomed & mopped the floor.
I am sweating now.
Next task. Tomorrow.


Good work mate! Keep moving forward!

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